Can't update Cubase: bought update code on ebay, USB key now disabled

I have just bought Cubase 9.5 update but have failed to activate it. When I try to do so through a newly installed eLicenser Control Center I get the following error message: “Upgrade failed. At least one of the eLicensers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue.” I have contacted Asknet by creating a support ticket, but they have not yet responded. I have done the Maintenance but in vain. I have serached the forum but can’t see the solution. Please help.
By the way, there was no problem when I installed and activated Cubase Pro 9. I wonder why this is happening for this update. Attached, please find a screenshot.


Is one of your eLicenser marked as disabled?

Could you try to start eLCC as administrator and run Maintenance?

I have tried to start eLCC as administrator and run Maintenance but in vain.
Immediately after(not before) entering the Activation code, the Soft-eLicenser is marked as disabled.
The USB eLicenser is OK and I have been using Cubase Pro 9 without any issues. Please, help me to get out of this unexpected trouble.


I’m afraid there is no way around, you have to contact the official Steinberg support to resolve the disabled Soft-eLicenser.

Hi Martin
I haven’t done the same before. Could you please give me a link to the official Steinberg support? I can’t see it on MySteinberg web page. When I click the Request support link I am taken to the Distributors page which gives the links to the Help Centre Q&A and the Forum! And I can’t afford to call them because of high International call charges.


We provide a support request form for registered users in MySteinberg.


Having logged in to MySteinberg account, I clicked all the links below:
"Support contact details
Steinberg USA support page
Email support: MySteinberg.
Submit a ticket
Need to talk to a real person? Send us a message… "
Unfortunately all those links have taken me back to the same first page(that’s MySteinberg)!
I haven’t seen any kind of form where I can write my problem. This is really embarrassing!
How then will I get a solution if there is no way of creating a support ticket?

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If it really is the soft elicenser that is disabled this shouldn’t affect the pro update to the usb elicenser.

You could try to just delete the soft elicenser from your system if you don’t have any licenses on it.

There is a phone no and a chat link for USA support here…not sure why your MySteinberg isn’t working.

I have deleted the soft elicenser from my system as you suggested, but the upgrade is still in vain. After entering the Activation code I still get the same error message: "“Upgrade failed. At least one of the eLicensers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue.”
Each time I click the online chat, it’s offline. I wish I couldn’t waste my money buying a useless update.

So it seems your USB-eLicenser had been disabled.

You should contact Steinberg support. They are the only one who knows, why is it disabled.

The USB eLicenser is not marked as disabled, and I can open Cubase 9 as usual. The problem comes only when I want to update to 9.5.
Unfortunately, as I have explained in my previous posts, I can’t create a support ticket on MySteinberg. The web page is nowhere to be found.
Is it possible to ask for a refund?

The user is not in the USA, he/she is in a country that does not have direct support from Steinberg or Yamaha. There’s no need to send them running around in circles.

You should ask for a refund from, the seller. Not Steinberg. Their contact info should be in the email you got when you placed the order. Since you did not succeed in updating the license they should give you your refund.

Provide a pic of the elc window showing everything , maybe someone will have a useful observation.

Sorry, I don’t agree. I’m pretty convinced the issue is the USB-eLicenser is disabled. Once it becomes enabled, Osotwa can update his Cubase. I don’t believe there is a reason for refund and give the update up.

Hi Martin,
Why are you convinced that the USB-eLicenser is disabled? Did this issue happen to you, too? If so, what was the solution given to you by Steinberg?
By the way, in your previous post you said that Steinberg is the only one who knows why it is disabled.
I created a support ticket on Asknet online shop since Monday, but they have not yet responded. Could someone give me a Steinberg customer care email? I have tried to contact them through MySteinbeg web page, but the links there(at my end) do not lead to a support form! Good software but very poor customer care.


I’m convinced because the Cubase Pro license is talking to the USB-eLicenser, not to the Soft-eLicenser. No, I don’t have this experience myself.

AskNet cannot solve the issue. They don’t know about the licenses. Only Steinberg knows.

I understand some users who bought Cubase 9 from a particular Ebay seller had their elicensers disabled recently as Steinberg said the licenses were obtained fraudulently. They had also installed and licensed C9 ok but the elicenser was disabled at a later date when connected to the license server.

Hopefully this is not the case for you!

Hi Martin,
if Steinberg is the only one who knows about this issue why is the error message saying: "Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue? The software vendor is Asknet!

How can a buyer know that he/she is buying Cubase from unauthorized seller?

As far as I know this was one Ebay seller only (his account is now deleted).
He was undercutting the price of other sellers considerably and as ever if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is.

If you bought it via Steinberg online shop (AskNet is the provider of the shop), then you are definitely on the safe side.

To be sure, buy a product from the official distribution only.