Cubase 9.5 WORKFLOW wishlist

With the releases taking a full year to happen, I would like to now request these changes in hopes that by Dec 6, 2017 all or most of these will be implemented to 9.5. I am not going to bitch and complain about Cubase 9 because $99 is a small price to pay for a rock solid Cubase, new eq that’s really nice and the sampler. However, I was highly anticipating some workflow enhancements and FOR ME, the lowered zone was not it. In fact, the Variaudio bug set my workflow back so I’m still using 8.5.

Well here goes my WORKFLOW wishlist for 9.5.

  1. Smart Edit Tool

  2. Ability to add STEREO plugins on Mono tracks

  3. Add Vocalign type feature to Variaudio and update Variaudio

  4. Ability to pan sends from the workflow window (Currently can only do it by opening the channel the send is on, hit the panning tab under sends and go at it)

  5. Color mixer channels

  6. Move channels in the mixer

I’d like to see

  • more controls exposed in the inspector for fewer clicks
  • reorg of a fairly chaotic menu system
  • ability to have auto link on by default
  • a mixer who’s db values and button labels don’t disappear when you make the track widths narrower
  • smart tool
  • more efficient audio engine
  • fast start up and close down
  • option to run in single window mode to avoid horrible floating menu bar in windows
  • arrange track which works in a similar way to Studio One 3
  • be able to remove a track in the mixer
  • be able to toggle a track between stereo or mono
  • improved audio warp
  • Melodyne integration
  1. Add/move/delete mixer tracks and have it all correspond with the project zone.
  2. I’d like Variaudio to have option to work with Comp Tracks like Wave Tune does. (ie: Not load the entire file that you’ve muted/cut out, just what’s actually left in the project window)
    3)The option to drag and drop 3rd party plugs to replace components of the channel strip and save as a template.

X. User definable default slider value for new tracks… Instead of 0 I’d like -6dB.
(No longer in my list. Use ‘Gain’ in the Pre section, save default, done!!!).

  1. No autoactivate of an unactivated project when closing activated.
  2. Ability to see midi parts and audio parts ghosted to each other.
  3. Listen on standard EQ.
  4. Link M&S frequency control on Frequency.
  5. Multitrack freewarp in editor, not fussed about project window.

Edit: Updated!

  1. I would like to finally see a fix for the bug (hardware inserts delay compensation is broken with some RME hardware)… this has been very frustrating for me - and it’s going on many years now.

  2. Mixer undo is AMAZING. Still, it could be even better if we were able to undo specific changes, and not the entire chain of changes… In this regard, a mixer undo upgrade/improvement would be very welcome.

+1000000000000 cubase would be much better


more than 4 monitor cues …that would be nice

I like all the First post features, let me add:

  1. Smart Edit Tool (and please a way to edit automation which doesn´t involve setting 4 points everytime)

  2. Mono and prefader render in place.

  3. Better multiprocessor support (other DAWs seems to work better in this regard).

That´s all I want for next xmas (2017)

  • Automation Vertical Snap
  • Automation Recording 0.0 % reduction

-multirack audiowarp for drum quantizing (phase lock) in projectwindow
-unlimited inserts
-improve soundquality in variaudio (autotune quality)
-smart edit tool
-improve the speed (loading time) of the presetbrowsers of cubase vst plugins (retrologue …) but also the effekt plugin presetsbrowsers. Loading takes to long. Pretty lame like in nexus which is a sample based synth … workflow killer!
-improve the speed of the mediabay in the rack.

-use ‘arrow keys’ for quick navigation of Plugin search menu
-enhance all “add new XXX track” dialogs. for example add new midi track - show midi in/out, sequence numbering, color selection, etc.
-automation improvement such as read/write lock, something on inserts/send to indicate automation via Mixer/Track Insert view, backwards look up for automation (right-click menu from Insert view to open automation).
-Chord Pads (Lower Zone) - Can’t help thinking that there should be a ‘create new midi track’ button for quickly dropping ideas, and maybe a means to select a default chord pad instrument/midi output
-SNAP to hit-points from arranger (for scissors)
-changes to Export such as separating the tasks into two different dialogs. one for channel batch export and one for not i find I have to change all settings often for each time I need to do either of these tasks


I think Cubase developers could bring many cool features to their product from other new DAWs. For example:

  1. User definable default slider value for new tracks, for example -10 dB
  2. Mixer modeling (like Console Shaper in Studio One)
  3. Complex parallel routing of plugins in inserts
  4. Very CPU-safe performance (Reaper is a model!)
  5. Plugin settings randomizer
  6. Pitch/frequency shifter curve on any audio part in project
  7. Mix knob on every plugin
  8. Complex delay plugin

Another useless thread :frowning:
Look at the very first thread, that is even made a sticky.
All your suggestions are great and deserves their individual threads or they will drown in the digital sea of creative bits. :slight_smile:
Please think about it, I’m sitting here ready with my +1 button and an itchy finger.

  • edit in the place editor for audio tracks (in work zone like midi editor)
  • revoice pro funtions
  • easy macros editor or actions like in reaper)))
  • unlimit inserts and preinsets sends
  • simple mono or stero switch for audio or group channel
  • the possibility to edit priority in channel strip
  1. Panner type switch in the inspector where the panner is.
  2. Load VST GUI (the lil keyboard button) in the part editor next to… MUTE editor.
  3. MUTE in Part Editor next to the Solo Editor button top left. When the window is enlarged sometimes I want to quickly mute the track i’m editing.

I love how when I go to do an aaf export, Cubase knows what tracks to export if I select all the events and they auto select the tracks, then there is no need to check the boxes in the choices of tracks to export as it is already done when the prompt opens.
I wish there was a similar feature in the export audio mixdown. Say for example I have batch export selected in export audio mixdown, when I select all the events/tracks I want to export, it will automatically know what tracks it needs to export so it will automatically select those tracks, and if there are more than one midi track connected to an instrument track, the export process would happen as many times as there are instruments attached to that track so you would get all the audio files that represent every track be it midi or audio or instrument.

If there is a feature that does this already please let me know.
Thank you for these amazing tools.

I would LOVE to see the following:

  1. automatic mono / stereo conversion of channels
    2.see the above
    3.yerp, I do want this real bad. yep yes yippie yay.

  2. the ability to drag a part to the bottom of the screen, where the cursor turns into a trash bin icon, thus indicating that you’re good to release the mouse / pen button. part deleted. this is just so lightning fast to work with, not having to hit a bloody delete button all the time. This already works with inserts and sends, would love to see this with parts.

  3. ability to lock zone tabs. i’m cranking up the drag delay in the prefs atm so as to avoid grabbing them instead of just switching to the one not active at the time

  4. lock tabs in inspector FOR GOOD. the pin doesn’t really do the trick, in each new project I have to set up the visibility again. Ideally a pref bool that says: keep sections open ( inserts, sends, fader and all the rest )

  5. ability to (modifier-hold)- swipe the screen borders, to either skip through interface tabs, switch configurations or bring up *hamster…whatever it is, it’s faster than the current edge hint thingys

  6. spline automation

  7. being able to hit enter to load plugin after typing into the filter. works sometimes, pretty random and annoying if you have to navigate the cursor to double click it

  8. adjustable text size in the aforementioned (plugin) menu

  9. user customisable menus, application wide. does nuendo not have this? I kinda vaguely remember sth like it…

  10. reorder tracks in mixer, option to sync to project window

  11. track type filters for lower zone

  12. ability to map F1. You can’t be serious guys…

  13. multitool…whytf not actually.

Generally speaking, I’d be absolutely happy for a feature freeze for a whole version once all of this has been addressed. rewrite for better performance, bug fixes, little optimisations here and there, bug fixes, bug fixes…oh yeah, fixing the bugs. Probably won’t happen to the extend needed because it takes some (eye)candy to shut the kids up for each release.

A goody would be to get overhauled, more user friendly device panels.

Thanks for your consideration.

first i hope steinberg will add some new features and improvements to C9 in next updates.
anyway just to add to the above, i would also would like to see
1:new audio engine without dropouts while playing/recording when adding/removing tracks ,inserting plugins,assign send fx etc…
2: tabbed floating insert plugin window with option to follow track selection(just can be so quick and much less clicks)
3:some new midi editing and behaving mentioned many times in FR posts,regarding tools and how edited(cuts and left overs ) midi events behave

Must Have:

  1. Smart Edit Tool (Automation included)

  2. Mono/Stereo interchange ( Applies to Rendering as well )

  3. Improve GUI and Multicore

Would like:

  1. Automatic Tail detection when rendering.

  2. Improve VST Connections options.