Cubase 9.5 WORKFLOW wishlist

Congratulations. You have just put forth a whole bunch of potentially good ideas (and probably some so-so ones).

Too bad you did it in a way that pretty much guarantees that no one with the power to make them happen will pay any attention.

You’ve successfully sabotaged your own suggestions.

This post was ignored so hard.

Well… There’s is absolutely no way i’d make a separate thread for each lil ‘workflow improvement’ feature, i’d like, Like button X on page Y.

I’ve got no skin in the game. You’re the one who supposedly wants to have those lil improvements implemented, but apparently you are fine with asking in a way that almost guarantees your request gets ignored. Interesting strategy. Not sure how effective it will be.

Raino… Possibly so but this thread is a ‘list’ thread. Not a discussion on each item or huge reasons to why. I thought the idea was to simply post our lists. Features big enough to deserve an actual thread will likely have one, if not, will get one.

If Steinberg completely ignores this thread so be it, we are still happy to read other peoples lists, in 1 nice thread and to share our own. It can serve a purpose.



  • When we use the function “insert audio” from the file menu, it selects the project folder by default
  • the possibility to lock the volume automation line with a lock (useful when using the mouse over automation line and changing the value by mistake)
  • ability to do multi channel export while respecting the nature of the track. For example, when I export mono and stereo tracks, all of them are exported in stereo
  • ability the allocate stereo effects on mono.
  • IMPORTANT: double clicking on audio or midi container always open in a low windows (made in C9 new display). Create option to choose by default to open in a new window (not in the bottom of the editor’s screen).
  • While double screen in the left editor blank space opens a midi track by default. Add option to choose which kind of track to open. You have to understand that most of must now open instrument tracks rather than midi, as the audio insert are available much easier.
  • Ability to modify any midi velocity a a track containing multi containers, and not only on the selected container (the only solution for now is to glue containers together)
  • When the Control Room volume is up, it is added to the general output volume. The control room is useful when listening to sample from the media bay, but you have to turn it down every time, while working on a project.
  • Ability to export in one click a groove loops from groove agent (for example) with each separate elements on separate audio track.
  • more pre-fader insert or the ability to use the post fader insert as pre fader ones.
    (Check Logic and it ability to add as many inserts as your CPU allow).
  • already asked by many: a Melodyne-quality VariAudio with formant option.


  • unable to load an insert plugin when the project is getting complex (for some reason, I have to save, close and re-open the project), certainly due to an overload (even though the disk or CPU is peaking).
  • bugs while exporting audio (recently had some issues on audio files, certainly due to a background task impacting the export)
  • bug while trying to route one group to another (some of them can’t be selected in the drop down list)
  • bug on the new frequency EQ crashing sessions.
  • bug on Apollo Duo. I have to reselect in the output menu (shortcut F4) for every new project
  • using arrows up or down on keyboard don’t necessary select track in the right other
  • While opening a project in which I have set the stereo output channel in the right zone, the channel is hidden. I have to deselect and reselect the right zone to set it back again correctly.
  • Automation don’t work properly and the lines drawn after doing automation work are not as drawn manually (on a jackie control for example). Most automation points disappear leaving only straight lines.

This option is in the settings. The 1st setting I changed.

Would you help me find it ? I must be tired I didn’t find it lol.
Thanks a lot !

Color mixer tracks 10+

Update on Variaudio would be great. It is really cool option but very limited.

+1 for variaudio edit like vocalign


If we could undo individual mixer changes, that would be amazing.


  1. I wish there was a way to save maybe the last 10 steps of undo with a project… both undo for the project, and the mixer undo…

Please make this options in new Cubase:

  1. The sampler track is very cool feature! But there is big lacking of the ability of quick changing of the samples. I beleive samples must be “quick changeable” from the sampler track editor (maybe changeable by mouse wheel in the previous sample folder)

  2. Default VST plug-ins and fader position for new channel. It would be very convinient.

Set a default for the input gain… It’s a better solution. Due to how the resolution of the faders work.

I’d previously requested “User definable default slider value for new tracks… Instead of 0 I’d like -6dB.” But only recently realised we can set a default for the input gain (lowpass, highpass too). I was always setting the fader on a new track at -6db as a starting point, it seemed logical to request this as a feature, 1 less click but now i let the input gain take care of this, back to working at 0.

Just wanted to also point to a C8 thread for my Scissors ‘snap’ Arranger idea. I submitted it here, I still think it would be super useful workflow increaser. Not to difficult to implement (hopefully)

(refers to the idea of being able to snap with scissor tool to hitpoints while in the Arranger window)

  1. macro quick controls like ableton live, FL studio…

  2. coloring the whole channel strip like protools, reaper…


The following four topics are a naturalness IMHO and they reminding me to Windows 3.0 software from the early 90s!

  1. The “Cancel” button on EVERY menu / window should mapped to the “ESC” key on keyboard, i.e. in “Audio Export” to close a menue opened in a seperate window
  2. Midi mapping (Devices - Generic Controller) should be able to linked to a project.
  3. The “OK” button MUST be contain the “Apply” funktion (Devices - Generic Controller i.e.)
  4. A real “Plugin Manager” is hardly needed. Moving plugins is a user nightmare at the time.

Mentioned topics for me are actually not 9.5 issues, they should be added to ALL versions. Here are my improvement suggestions:

  1. A “learned” Midi-action should be able to start an external program. This would be a HUGE improvement.
  2. Export a project to a video file for demonstration purposes

Since I’m an IT Pro, I know there are (except 6) - a few lines of code needed.

Cool, make a thread about them like the sticky tells you.

Oh yeah!