Cubase 9 due December 1st

Having nothing better to do, I decided to consult Mystic Meg about the release of Cubase 9…

She looked up WIKI

Cubase 7.0 Dec 5th 2012

Cubase 7.5 Dec 4th 2013

Cubase 8.0 Dec 3rd 2014

Cubase 8.5 Dec 2nd 2015

Ergo: Cubase 9 Dec 1st 2016 - This Thursday!

Moreover, the cat has been sick on my carpet, she knows the whole master plan of the universe, and this is a clear omen. I have observed she frequently does this at times of great import.

I should like David Icke’s opinion on this too, who is well respected by my cat.

David are you there?



All of your dates are Wednesdays, so if Steinberg really plans the release for first Wednesday in December it looks like 7th rather than 1st.

Yeah… leap year.

Take my money please. Give us Cubase Pro 9

I am looking around for my cat… she is in hiding again. Mystic Meg is also nowhere to be seen.

please please please make some melody help tools for idiots like me. Chord track is great, can now make chords. can’t play the scales to make melodies lol.

(please tell me this is satire… if so, very good very good…)

Yep… It’s good :wink:

Perhaps a radio?

I just had my hearing checked so that I could make the most of CB9 .
The specialist asked " What are the symptoms ? ".
I was surprised that he didn’t know , so I explained that it was an American TV cartoon series about a family .

Its 4th December now! Where is my Cubase 9?!)

I said the same thing!.. On December 2nd!

Hi !

look at last release dates of Cubase in wikipedia. First wednesday of december…
So come back in 3 days :wink:

quite strange they don’t tease us with some banner on Steinberg site.
didn’t they arrange some kind of countdown for version 8?

This should liven up the forum…complete with moans about new bugs, old bugs, things they did not include that FL or pro-tools can do…haha

From the comments in one of the official updates about the fix to the video engine being planned for the end of February, I was kind of expecting the next updates/version around then?

It could have failed testing with a myriad of showstopper bugs and we won’t see it for another month. If they are trying to address the performance issues (compared to other DAWs) then that would be a major rewrite to the core engine - that won’t be easy. I’m actually hoping this is he case coz it’d be worth the wait even if it was delayed three months.

Usually they sell the beta version in December, it will be pretty OK in April and good when they release nuendo version. Sadly the release flow now-days are low so the customer focus has dropped the resent years.

Cubase 8.5 was solid right from the word go for me.

I just hope they don’t do something like go to a subscription method.