"Cubase 9 only supports 64-bit plug-ins"

“Please note that all 32-bit plug-ins will also get blacklisted since Cubase 9 only supports 64-bit plug-ins.”

While I appreciate the move to 64bit, it would have been useful to mention this before you took my money.

What an absolute disappointment. Back to 8.5 it is then.

Now if they put it up with a big banner they wouldnt have gotten your MONEY now would they?? :open_mouth:


Fitz, I did find this

Thanks for the link, but it’s cheaper to simply get a refund and stick with 8.5.

Not to be facetious but wouldn’t you be better served spending your money on a computer upgrade to get with the times rather than on an update from Cubase PRO 8.5 to 9?

My Mac Pro can run 64bit Cubase just fine. The issue is I have certain plugins that have ceased development that I rely on that are 32bit only. It’s a pain, but workable with Cubase 8.5 with it’s bridge that supports 32bit plugins.

My issue is that had I known that Cubase 9 had dropped support for 32bit plugins, then I would not have purchased it. While I completely understand the move to 64bit only, I feel conned by Steinberg who have now taken my money for an upgrade that is useless to me. They should have clearly stated that Cubase 9 was dropping support for 32 bit plugins somewhere that was visible before purchase.

Where were you 5 months ago?


If you search the forum, you will also find talk about it.

Not frequenting this forum? Like I say, such a major reduction in functionality should have been prominently displayed somewhere during purchase.

See if you can get a refund.

I do understand the problem of losing 32 bit plugs that are no longer being developed. I am preparing for workarounds for my “vintage” plugins… and am waiting for the trial v9.

On another note, we’re you around when SB dropped directX plugins. Not a single announcement for that!

You guys have got me so very curious now!!!

What 32bit plugins are so good as to foresake the great features of version 9??
(I still have my 8.5, as it was not uninstalled during the upgrade and would love to try them !!)

Well I’m Mac based and this doesn’t affect me in the slightest, so…

Thats the issue. They should have POSTED the 64 bit only in big black letters with exclamation points under the Cubase info AND in the purchase screen as well.

Well there is my Virus Powercore for a start. Old, but quit frankly, phenomenal. And yes, I have a physical Virus Ti, but I really like the Powercore.

I also use Vanguard. Old and cheesy, but I know it well and it’s sound is part of my sound.

One of my favorite destructor plugs, ever.

Thank You very much for excellent suggestion! Just bought and works superb! It was hard to see C9 without Sylenth and URS plugins :slight_smile:

But anyway, Steinberg made foxy action : through years 32-bit bridge was buggy, and if they can’t to make it stable, then simply canceled it …

I would be very interested in your feedback as to how reliable this software is. Please report back?

First short impression is very good,- plugins are shown in Cubase as normal 64 bit plugs, you can’t see any resurrected/ conversation issues, old projects opened also with all 32 plugins who is used there fine, I will spend more time on weekend in action, and will be back here.
My converted/working list is : URS , Sylenth, Vanguard, some Antares Harmony plugs, Oxford, Altiverb 6.

Hey Fitz, if you look at the top right of their screen they have a TRY option so you can demo it. :mrgreen: