Cubase 9 Thread

So, it’s here. Downloading. Yay!

Saw it, but I don’t really find it worth €100 in my view. I’d probably upgrade anyway for future upgrades. Some ground breaking features they added I already do with external plugins.

To be honest I expected more for cubase 9.

Ehm, not much offered. Don’t need lower zone, I have three screens. Don’t need eq, have Fabfilter Pro-Q. Don’t need mixer undo. Don’t need plugin sentinel. Sampler track looks nice, but is it worthed the upgrade price? I don’t know… I hoped for more.

•Lower Zone for maximum accessibility, ideal workflow and perfect project overview
•Sampler Track for quick inspiration and easy creative processes
•Frequency 8-band EQ for microscopic audio surgery including M/S support and Linear Phase mode
•MixConsole History for mixer undo/redo and sophisticated A/B comparison invites to experiment with your mixes
•Plug-In Sentinel for increased stability and reliability

Purchased, not so much for the features, but hope for improved audio engine

Adding to that list I use Geist 2 for sampling.

For me they just added internal plugins, while I think most people already use external ones that are way better.

Don’t understand why you didn’t wait for the trial…paying a hundred quid and hoping seems a bit crazy my friend…
no disrespect meant… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I got mine… Interested in mixer undo, simple sampler, the new eq looks cool. I thought a 100 is a bit pricey, but if its as stable and works as well as 8.5 has ill be happy.

Downloading now too…2.52GB it seems…

Does this release really warrant a version increment of 0.5? I mean - it’s 8.5 with a few new features added

Very unimpressed…let´s see if there is a big bug fix list?


My windows is 1.8

Wonder why audio engine improvements haven’t been mentioned in any of the official hype. Hmm.

Loads of stuff added that I’ve already got…just waiting for the trial now to see if the performance has been improved…otherwise…just don’t need it…

Any Windows user care to share if the menu still is on the Title bar (like it was in Cubase 8.x)?
And how’s the main Window acting? Is it still that fixed Window with transparent backround?


I am looking for the bug squashing list that this update has addressed as well. If anyone has that information and would care to post it , it would be appreciated.

Menu location is unchanged. As far as the main window, do you mean the menu bar? Also unchanged if so.

Cubase 9 now has ‘dockable’ windows though, so when you maximize the Project view the menus are intergrated in the window (same as 8.5), and editors, media rack, inspectors, etc are integrated into one window.

Nobody else cared for automation beziehe splines ???
I hope for this since v6. I really thought this time they bring it.
Big diss appointment. The automation and drawing tools in the editor are so out dated.

Is there any Improvement in the way it handles VST windows? Are they tabbed or dockable? Cubase is a real mess when it comes 2 VST windows.

8.5 to 9.0 a 100 euros? really? for what? the all in one window thing i have at the touch of a button already, like some others have said 3rd party plug ins do that very nicely. unless there is performance updates to audio engine im gonna wait for 9.5 and avoid paying to be a beta tester like alway with new tier Cubase stuff
Cubase 9, nein least not at that price.

Is it not so that the longer you wait for an update the more you pay?

8.5 to 9 = 100 euro
9 to 9.5 = 50 euro
8.5 to 9.5 = 200 euro

I thought this update would be 50 euro from 8.5 as the changes aren’t ground breaking as said and I paid already hundreds of euro’s for external plugins that do the same thing but even better.

I don’t understand the point of cubase 9 at the moment.