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And I love cubase since forever… Big dissapointment- 32 bit plugins don’t work at all. Improvements? There is nothing I couldn’t do before without sample track. That’s about it, If anyone asks whats new. I was running mixer on the second screen anyway. Thank god I can run C8 with new license. And I was serious upgrading from elements to artist or pro this time but something told me not to. I hope vst bridge will be back in C10.

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Nees flash u will in the future or you will be running windows 98 for the rest of your life get with technology

If you didn’t see any features in the description & demos that said “buy me now” you should have waited for the trial version to be released before making a purchase decision. Don’t think of the cost as something wasted on buying a product that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead think of it a reasonable price to pay for a life lesson in learning not to buy something until you know that it meets your needs.

Some folks are seeking refunds from Steinberg because they didn’t know about the 32-bit retirement. And really Steinberg did mess up by not making it clear that C9 was 64-bit only. So you might try that. But a quick look at this forum even a few hours after the release would have given you that info. So you didn’t really do due diligence. But mistakes like this are how we learn. Good luck.

I had the same problem with my PowerCore plug-ins which are all 32 bit (including the Virus synth), but with a little help, I learned that Jbridge 1.75 would sort that out, which was a surprise cause I heard Cubase 9 doesn’t recognise Jbridge.

So, bridge all your 32 but plugs with Jbridge 1.75 and Cubase 9 won’t know the difference :wink:

Cubase Pro 9 is sweet!

I saw 64 bit only,but Native Instruments,izotope,Neugen, all have been blacklisted,all are 64 bit, all worked in 8.5
Steinberg has made this the most problematic release I’ve seen
Yes I’d like to get my money back, but I’ll just use 8.5 Instead
All I can say buyer beware, because it is not a solid or well thought out release,this Blacklist is a mess

Do you have the latest updates on the plug-ins? On your blacklist list I only have NI, but they came over fine. By happenstance I’d updated them the day before the C9 release because NI had sent an email about a Kontakt update.

I don’t like that C9 only 64 bit is.

Any if you work with 2 monitors the transport section is in the middle of 2 screens.
Do thy not work multiply windows?

the 32 bit problem for myself is not a big deal I do have j bridge and it works… having the transport wheel in the middle of my 3 screens is a godsent i have a 24 track mixer i have been dying for it to be embeded learning now may cry a little later but so far so good

Yes,Cubase keeps blacklisting the plugins such as the compressors etc, but not the VI’s,also strange behavior is each time I launch Cubase 9 I have to redirect to the VST plug in folder for the Valhalla reverbs, now this does not happen in 8.5, side note,I build the PC with Win 10 Pro, never have i installed 32 bit plugs

rescaning with the new update from jbridge i did have alot of 64 bit plugins that were blacklisted and working on fixing them now as far as 32 bit get jbridge it may have not been posted when release but it was in discussion so there will not be refunds… I think this thread should be delete… complete moron…

Steinberg announced back in late summer that Cubase 9 would be 64 bit only. iZotope is aware of the vst2 blacklist, the vst3 version do work. It’s not Steinberg fault. It’s easy to blame others for you own ignorance!

"So, bridge all your 32 but plugs with Jbridge 1.75 and Cubase 9 won’t know the difference :wink: "

I only see jbridge 1.74, where´s the 1.75?

It’s a beta. Look at J’s beta page for how request it.

j (not him),

Sorry for you spending your money without you bothering to read and check what it was that you were buying. :confused:

That is the point of owning Cubase… Update every year to pay less for the next version without asking if I need this version. I’ve made that mistake once waiting too long with update. I will try jbridge if I have spear time. Sorry- expected that installing the new version makes everything better… Crashed twice already while searching plugins. Fixed midi timing would be happy news but not optimistic about it. Maybe I did not read the announcement fully but I remember that Cubase will be 64bit only… This means that it will run on 64 bit os. Eliminating vst bridge was not in this list. €30 is just about right price to learn. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in love with Cubase. When you love someone you forgive them always. Just was hoping that this version will be the one where install button is more than enough to get everything running. Dissapointed that everything is just the way it was- that is reading forums for countless hours to get things work again.

64-bit only has been clearly signalled.

Removing support for VST2.4 wrapped plugins certainly was not! And I say that as a fanboy user of Cubase for 20 years!

I don’t think that this is the best release, one of the reasons I dropped Logic was the endless AU validation issues. And I don’t think the communication with the users is up to much at the moment.

So ‘due dilligence’ is only part of the story - why not actually tell users what to expect when support is dropped?

Just my 2p.

I agree that if you need the mixer at the bottom, you should instead of buying the upgrade, use the same money to get a second monitor! Possibly you might need a new graphics card and/or video adapter. It’s more complicated but a FAR better solution.

Cubase has been getting more stable, that is the main thing for me now. I wanted them to update things which have been neglected for so many years such as the macro editor, metronome and midi effects etc… Sadly, my dream didn’t come true yet. It seems they always go for the flashy toys rather than meat and potatoes.

…and that’s the problem. Where are basic tools like a midi insert poly chainer/splitter? When will we get polyphonic audio to midi analysis? Better metronome? Better Macros?

Really like the look of the new mixer / lower zone. But the basics, that should be easy to improve don’t seem to get much attention.


Wait a min… You use elements? The upgrade in the same version number is a vast improvement.

Yes. This is why I don’t talk about money.
Anyway- C9, upgrade or not, is useless to me the way it is now. Maybe jbridge will help to ease the pain :confused: . Will see some day. Until then- C8. As I said I was attending to upgrade to pro or artist this time but not until I’m sure I get things work on elements. At the moment I would be happy to be able buying C8,5 artist or pro instead- but late again.

Thanks for listening. I was just letting my steam out.
Any way to lock the topic or delete it so everybody could move on?