CUBASE AI 11: Not recognizing input. Can hear audio, but not registering in Cubase

Please please please somebody help me. I have had nothing but issues since I installed the latest Apple OS (Big Sur 11.2).

I have downloaded the software. And the drivers for my interface (UR22 MKII).

When I open Cubase, I can hear my line instrument that is plugged into my pre-amp (ART TPII) which is connected to the interface.

I have checked the Audio Connections over and over again. I have checked the Studio Setup configurations. I do not see what the issue is here.

I did read at the link below about Apple blocking the installation of the drivers but I have even followed all the steps to safeguard against this and nothing.

Somebody please help me before I smash this piece of equipment and give up on my musical dreams forever.

See attached screenshots. One thing I’m wondering is why my interface isn’t appearing in the Devices menu.

@Kyle_Mooney Please don’t beg, it’s embarrassing and unnecessary.

I’ll try to help you. Please note that VST System Link is not involved in your scenario.

Please upload screenshots of this window on your computer:

I really appreciate this.

This is the Big Sur 11.2 version of that.

No, it’s not. Please refer to the Steinberg Doc you linked above and be sure to verify your understanding of the details.

really do appreciate your help! I don’t know how to find the Audio Devices menu! “Sounds” is all I’ve got—sorry. (I’m in Canada, btw.)

Audio MIDI Setup is what it says. Use Spotlight to find it.

Oh man. I already searched it but thought it was a URL. Damn. Thanks.

Looks correct.

Please explain exactly what you mean: “not registering in Cubase”

This is not DAW terminology.

There is nothing indicating that the sound is coming through. I can hear it, the USB light on the interface is on. No faders at all.

Note that routing is different in the Inspector of each image. Which prompts the question, does it work now?

Your earlier image:

Your later image:

It’s not working now, no.

What’s in Studio>Audio Connections? Image please.

All looks good, don’t see anything amiss.
Start Cubase in Safe Mode please.

Disable prefs, check again.

I’ve done that. Same results.

What you mean with this?

If you want to hear and see audio in stop position you have to click the monitor icon (small speaker symbol beside the recording button)

Sorry for my lack of DAW terminology. By ‘faders’ I mean the vertical bars indicating frequency levels.
And it makes no difference whether the speaker button is clicked or not.

What is connected to the interface? And how?

L and R inputs which are connected to my pre-amp. I haven’t changed the configuration at all since everything was working fine.

Don’t understand… it’s working fine? So what is your problem?
You are really confusing with what you’re writing here.

this is not a DAW term