Cubase AI 9.5 vs Cubase Elements 9.5

Did it work? When I tried to upgrade from ai le 9.5 to Elements 9.5 for the very attractive $49.99 all I got was Cubase Elements 9.5 le ai which is nearly exactly what I already had. After a week no one has answered any email or chat request so I’m just about done with Cu - bait and switch.

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I explained the main differences between Cubase AI and Cubase Elements here:

The update price to new major versions for you will be $19. Each new version adds many features, and nearly all of them make it into Cubase Elements, while some of them don’t make it into Cubase AI.

Here’s some of the things that have been added recently:

What’s new in Cubase 9
What’s new in Cubase 9.5