Cubase AI activation code and upgrade to pro

Does anyone have this kind of problem? Made ticket about 1.5 week ago, haven´t get answer yet.

I just bought Yamaha MG10XUF mixer and its included Cubase AI. Problem is i can´t get activation code. Access code works and i can download and use program(AI). Then i bought Cubase pro upgrade for AI.
So now it´s impossible upgrade software. There is messages under My Steinberg “No products found on this eLicenser”.
Try to reinstall all software, use eLicencer help, read out for the earlier topics.
And if i check eLicenser control center. There is no licences under Soft-eLicensers.

Did you put the license on the eLicenser (eLicenser Control Center) or the new license system (Steinberg Activation Manager, I think)?
If you are getting “No license to upgrade on this eLicenser.”, then you probably bought the wrong upgrade. A little more specific information is needed such as exactly what upgrade did you buy and exactly how did you install the AI version, etc.

I put code download assistant “enter your download access code”. Try to register through e-Licenser control center.
If i understand there should be activation code under SeL and then i can upgrade to pro.
This upgrade software gives me activation code after i put access code.

You got to make sure you have the new activation manager installed. Here’s the link.

Run the manager and if that doesn’t work try putting your access code back into the download manager which will in turn take you to the activation manager

It shows “Cubase AI activated”. When i put access code to download assistant it shows" you are now entitled to use following products Cubase AI to Yamaha MGxu".

Yamaha MG10XUF mixer with Cubase AI and Cubase Pro UG from AI

You should have an activation code for the upgrade that will not be the same as the AI code. When you purchase the upgrade it should have come in an email. If that didn’t happen you’re going to have to log into the online store and open your account which gives you access to your past purchases and access codes. Then you enter the upgrade access code into the download manager.

I just had the same advice for another user in this forum less than 5 minutes ago

AI came with mixer SeL and upgrade is with USB-eLicenser. Activation code is ok fo upgrade

You have to have the AI license on the E licenser in order to upgrade anything. Right now you’re e licenser so it does not have a license on it and neither does the USB. Do you have empty Elicensers

You need to enter the AI activation license into the E licenser first. Where it says enter Activation code

I think the problem is. AI wont give activation code. Usb gives me both codes but, i think it not work because there is some problem with SeL?

The AI activation code is going to be on a piece of paper in the box that the mixer came in. It may be along with the CD or possibly somewhere in the manual

Problem is, i can´t get activation code

The activation code comes with the product

Yes and i have this code, but when i put this code, it shows
" you are now entitled to use following products Cubase AI to Yamaha MGxu".
And that´s all?

Hit the maintenance button on the licenser so that I can upload that information to the server

product includes access code, but it wont give activation code, only
" you are now entitled to use following products Cubase AI to Yamaha MGxu".