Cubase AI won't install because of previous Elements trial??

I had a trial version of Elements ages ago, but the trial expired. I have since then bought a new Yamaha keyboard and want to install the free AI version that came with it, however, when I try to run it it says the Elements trial has expired??!!

I am trying to install a totally different version…what is going on here and can it be fixed?

If it is the same version number and you still have Elements installed, there is nothing else to do except enter your activation code in the eLCC app. Elements, AI, and LE are the same program. Whichever license is present in the eLCC determines the available features.

Thanks - but I already uninstalled the Elements version…I have put in a help request with Steinberg to see if they can help sort it out.

You have a valid AI license activated in the eLCC?

Are you saying you can’t even run the installer?

Oh, I see … :unamused: