Cubase artist 12 upgrade from cubase element 11 with SeL impossible

Hello to all,
Everything is said in the subject. I don’t know where or to whom to turn.
I followed all the instructions, tips and tricks found on the Steinberg website and forums.

My situation:
I use Cubase Element 11 in e-licenser (no USB licenser).
I bought Cubase Artist 12 “upgrade from Element 11” on the Steinberg website (it is no longer necessary to use a USB licenser for the “Artist” level, that’s the reason of my purchase).
I installed Cubase Artist 12. It works perfectly.

But… impossible to activate the license! The status is always “verification pending”. I even received a message from Steinberg that I still haven’t activated my software. On my PC, everything is up to date (e-licenser, steinberg download assistant, manager, etc.). I have already sent 2 messages to support without success (no answer). My Artist 12 version will stop on April 2, 2022, because of the lack of activation.

What should I do? I am desperate. If someone could be kind enough to help me, thank you very much in advance.

ps: I hope not to pollute this forum unnecessarily if I’m not in the right place. Thank you for your understanding.

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You’ll be fine.


Thanks a lot Steve but no…

I have already tried and followed the instructions on this page exactly. This does not solve the problem, unfortunately :frowning:

I don’t know, then. Sorry. Have you posted in one of the topics where this is discussed by Steinberg higher-ups?

Thank you Steve. No, this is my first intervention on the forums. I have seen a few threads about the activation problem, I have followed the instructions or tips I have seen there but nothing I can do.

Every time I try to activate my license, I get a message in e-licenser that mentions a problem between soft-licenser and USB licenser. This is incomprehensible because I have never had to use a USB stick for the Element 11 license. The worst thing is that e-licenser asks me to move my license 11 from “soft” storage to a USB license storage even though I don’t have one, I never had one.

Anyway, thanks for your answer. Maybe someone else can help me. Thanks again for your help.

I heard about this – I think I saw a post from one of the Steinberg Reps who post on the forum, Ben, Matthias or Daniel.

Try these:

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Thank you Steve.

I’ll take my chances on this thread!

I’m exactly in the same situation. The problem resides on the upgrade needs an USB-eLicenser, but neither Cubase Elements nor Cubase Artist 12 needs it (!!!).

I’ve opened a support ticket and replied on the main ‘status’ thread, but I will carefully follow this thread.

Same here. Cant upgrade my Cubase AL 11 (on usb e licenser) with Cubase Artist 12 upgrade from AL ( 6 or higher version). Stuck in place. Waiting for solution.

I have the same problem!! Please clarify the problem if one of us get the solution