Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th

Hi all,

We are really sorry for the inconveniences that the update to Cubase 12 has caused to some of you. We knew that this update would be the “end boss” for our eLicenser server infrastructure, since it was the last time that so many calls would be sent in such a short period of time to the server. We have tried to spread the release over multiple days, but unfortunately the server couldn’t deal with huge amount of traffic once again. The good news is that the new Steinberg Licensing system worked very well and from now on updating won’t require the eLicenser server any more. Once again: We are really sorry for the issues some of you have experienced and we have worked hard to improve the process for the future.

Still, looking at the various posts and topics here in the forum, there seem to be still some users that couldn’t manage to update to Cubase 12 yet. Unfortunately it’s impossible to get an overview of these.

Have you seen the instructions in this post?

Do you still have issues with updating to Cubase 12?

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Well, I am one of those who still have problems… the elicencer freezes, and although all the maintenance steps are successful, the green bar remains full and it does not give me any notice that I apply for the grace period … I have uninstalled and reinstalled elicenser, the same with the other managers… the active manager does not detect any license, and mysteinberg only tells me that I have cubase11 in elicenser… :frowning: I’ll keep waiting… .

My issue as of last night is the license server cant be reached (maintenance issue for example).
or something similar to that.

Hello. I still have trouble upgrading the license as well. My problem is that the eLicenser maintenance process goes well, but it doesn’t find the license eligible for grace period even though it was acquired on 1st of December. The Steinberg Activation Manager can’t find any license and when I try to check for the grace period eligibility it still can’t find any license (pretty obvious, I suppose). So at this point I should be eligible for grace period upgrade, but the software doesn’t seem to see it. I wish I was able to post the pictures or links to pictures of this situation as well, but apparently I can’t do that as a new user.

What can I do in order to get this update?

Thank you!

Still no E-Mail with the DAC after 4 days!!! :disappointed:


Greetings Mathias.
I immediately considered that there would be too much traffic on the server so I decided to wait to upgrade to Cubase 12.
Unfortunately, I fear that Steiberg has not sufficiently considered some problems of a different type: in fact, for some days I have been experiencing unacceptable delays in starting Cubase 11, in opening the Hub and, since this morning, two to three minutes in opening. of the slight, in terms of request for resources, of
Halion sonic SE 3.
Seeing that until a few days ago I have never had similar problems both in opening Cubase and its components, I believe that all this is a problem linked either to the new licensing system or to the eLicenser itself overloaded with requests.
Please let me know as I have a project I am working on which has been urgently requested.
Thank you


Hi Matthias,

I can’t get the ELicenser to show Cubase 11 as grace period eligible however, it regularly completes maintenance tasks ok.

Any help would be appreciated.


I am unable to purchase. I log in to my Steinberg account ok, but when I try to purchase, I am asked for “Steinberg Online Shop” credentials. If I input my Steinberg account data, it is refused. So i tried to buy without logging in, but when I input my data (name, email, address etc) I am refused because “there is already an account with those data”. So I am stuck! I can not buy the upgrade either way. I opened a ticket, but no reply yet, it’s 4 days.

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Hi @Orio, the online shop account is different to your Steinberg Account. Please reset your password for the online shop if you have forgotten it.

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That’s what I did, but I did not receive the email with the reset instructions.

Hey group, yesterday I activated Cubase 12 pro with the grace period license, at the time of installation there was no problem but when I open Cubase I get the following error, could someone help me with this error, it may be that I missed some step at the moment to install or do I need to buy that license that asks me

please help…!!

The biggest and most frustrating problem I have is your website.
It gives vague information, nothing solid, it does not allow users to contact customer support ( phone numbers o recognised etc), and simply sends the user in ever decreasing circles.
Every single request for a DAC sends the user to an article that says nothing substantial about receiving DAC.


Hey, I know this sounds like a far-fetched idea, but have you considered using computer technology ? :slight_smile:


I have downloaded Cubase 12.
Done maintainance on e-licencer and Cubase 11 is all on the licencer.
Opened up download Assistant and entered the licence code for Cubase 12 that you sent via e-mail.

Now it takes me to a red button upgrade
Now a box appears .
The licence code is recognized correctly.

There is an activation code
Another box says Cubase 11 (Not upgradable)
Upgrade for Cubase pro 11,Upgrade for Cubase Pro 11 (Educational)

I press continue
Another hateful box now RED CIRCLE WITH CROSS IN IT
No licence to upgrade selectable
No entry circles in the upgradeable section with picture of keys.
I have pulled the E licencer out and put back in and still re no entry sign.
Frustrating to say the least
Any help on this??
I tried to open Cubase 12.
It told me now to sign in which i did.
When i tried to go further a box appears try again make sure Cubase 11 has access to the manager.
I also checked Firefox and it does allow access to the manager
Up the junction again.!!

All the Best

Still problem!!!I cant upgrade to 12!!!
Please help me…

Hi @Kyriakos_Gazouleas, that’s how it should look. Could you please go to the Steinberg Activation Manager and run the “Check for Grace Period”?

I did it…but ‘‘error during grace period check’’
‘‘no licenses found’’
I can’t upgrade…


Hi Matthias,

Thank you for posting an updated thread.
As you can see in my case, we see the “Not upgradeable” but not with the usual green icon, so I don’t think in my case, this is a good sign. Please look at my screenshots and advise accordingly. Is this still a Steinberg server issue?

Still waiting for email from Steinberg with a Download Access Code and a download link

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