Cubase automation - snapshot (-like) function

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a simple function or workaround for the following situation: I have many tracks that I want to automate. I have set the values for a certain part of the project (before clicking the Write button). These values I want to use as a starting point and do some changes further in the project. So at this point I want to take a snapshot of all the values I want to automate later. It is really hard to click each tracks one-by-one on the automation lane, concerning that if you don’t zoom into each track, you can click wrong values easily. I cannot see any other function (beside moving each fader a little bit up and down in write mode, which I definitely don’t want to do) to get the automation work.

The best example for this is a live concert recording (one project contains all the songs), where I have set the right balance for the first song, and then I want to fine tune the rest of the mix song-by-song.

If anyone has an idea about this I would be glad to discuss. Thanks!


There is no snapshot feature sadly (although strangely I seem to remember there used to be one many years ago).

One thing you can do is enable Q-Link, then select all tracks that you want to ‘snapshot’. Now enable Write and just click on a fader/parameter (don’t actually move it). This will write automation points at the current value for all selected tracks.

You could then cycle round each song and use the ‘Fill Loop’ function to fine tune your automation.

Thank you! This helped a lot!

Probably number one on my feature request list :wink:.

Yes, I’d like to see this brought back as well. And also in a similar area to this, it would be amazing to have a feature like Mix Recall in Sonar. I posted about that a while ago:




It did exist in the past and It’s actually ridicules this option was removed and never implemented in future versions again. Imo It’s one the most basic workflows in a mixer; Make a preliminary mix of all tracks and write this to automation.


In Nuendo there is (or was) a function called Global Snapshot that I believe could do this. It may be one of the “big boy” features that only Nuendo would have, sadly…