Cubase cool trick

Some of you may know you can do this, but to the average every day Windows user this trick can be very cool. You can actually change the startup icon that pops up every time you start cubase and it’s loading. Go to ProgramFiles–>Steinberg—>Cubase---->Startup. Or find your folder of Cubase if it’s located somewhere else and open the Startup subfolder. In there are pictures of startup, 2-6 depending on the version you have. You can change them with any picture of your choice or even edit them (outside of the folder tho) so that it says your name as well. For example if you use artist cubase, copy the picture you want twice into the Startup folder and rename them after the names of the original two pictures “…artist” and “…x2.00” delete the old ones and you’re good to go :slight_smile: :smiley:

I have GOT to try this out!

Thank you George, for a little bit of fun!!#

Jim B

That’s a neat little trick. I had no idea you can temper with those icons at all. Cheers, George.

Cool… Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Cool indeed thanks. I found the black and white one quite depressing, now changed with Paint to red background haha!

Naise, thanks for sharing, but what amazed me more is how did you manage to find out?!

Interesting tip, thanks for sharing!

Cubase 10 only though!

My personal take on C10.5 Pro

… especially for someone who only has Cubase 10 Elements :slight_smile:

Me :confused:? No I own both. I guess you read my signature’s last bit only: Elements on laptop, Pro on Desktop. But maybe I misundestood what you meant…

Apologies as I was not clear – I was joking! Not meant personally.

No problem at all! And thanks for the clarification anyway :slight_smile: .
And yes, now I guess what you meant :laughing:

I made mine say all your base belong to us.

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Well done!

Here’s mine …

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Very nice, thanks, I allready made some, that’s so geek !

This is cool indeed, thanks.

I made this retro splash screen:

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Nice! Thanks for this.

Y’all not enough clients?

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