Cubase cpu spikes or laggy graphics again :( :(

My cubase 8.3 is doing major cpu spikes? and really --> laggy graphics…

if i open the piano editor it starts to spike the cpu & some times the mixer as well.

anyone having these problems? I also keep losing sync & have to turn multi cpu on & off.
I think 8.2 seemed much more stable but thoughts?

IM having alot of weird graphic issues.
my video card is onboard & a intel 4600 1536mb onboard.

I just did another test & loaded just pure audio tracks & had graphics lag again.

switching my latency to another speed seemed to fix it for now.

8.2 with the graphics patch seemed to fix it kinda but now it’s back worse again.
I thought my major problems seems to be kontakt & or anything native instruments, but it seems to be very much cubase.

This is a new computer & im having the same problems from a mac pro 12 core to a mac laptop and now a Hakintosh.

how can 3 systems do this. :frowning:
it’s quite upsetting.

can i go back to cubase 8.2?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Are you using any large sample libraries which have loads of fx turned on?

I had laggy graphics recently with some severe asio spikes, but it was down to a particular instrument I was using in Kontakt (from Output Signal). When I looked into the instrument it was using dozens and dozens of internal fx and maxing out my CPU. Once I’d rendered it to audio and removed it, everything went back to normal.

Not sure if this helps.

no it’s not kontakt as it’s also doing it with audio stems.

can you go back to 8.2? that will still open the projects?

I presume so? Haven’t tried it myself.

I think it could be the Intel HD 4600 graphic card & a conflict with cubase. ill shall update this tomorrow.

I would like to test studio one 3, for performance comparison.

The fact that you’ve got the problem on a number of machines indicates its probably a software issue. Do you have tool tips turned on? Try disabling that to see if it helps. Also invert the colour scheme for the mouse pointer. Bizarre I know but apparently it works for some.

I’ve had this issue with crazy ASIO spikes with one audio track just by opening the Media Browser window on a MB pro.

Honestly I don’t think this issue with Cubase will ever be sorted.

Hello! i have same problems, its because using of integrated GPU. i also using CB 8.0.30 and Intel HD Graphics 4600
when i allocate something i have high Asio load/

I also have spikes and audio issues and am using the HD 4600.

ok so how do we report this issue with the card?

Same sort of problem also. See below link.

Same issue here; very laggy whereas 8.2 was fine. A project with 1 track will lag and display on plugins is hitching.

I’m not using integrated graphics but a Geforce GTX 980 card. 32gigs of RAM, i7 3770k with all SSDs. Seems to be the update.