Cubase crash after install new GPU

today i install new gpu (GeForce 1050 Ti 4gb)
I run cubase open a project, play and after 1 minute - crash. i install lastest drivers, same thing. install previous drivers - same. update my eLicenser

Before everything was fine with integrated card (Intel HD 4600) after i install new gpu i get problems.

I have also blue screen with this text: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

i understand its happened because of new GPU, but how to fix it…

Hey. Try updating the drivers for every component in your PC, usually you get an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen and hardware/software issues with a driver conflict. Network cards are particular offenders.

seems to be i solved the problem.

first, i plug my eLicenser from my monitor usb hub, directly to my pc.

then I google BSOD problem, and many of people says problem with RAM, i run windows memory test, after test windows says something wrong with my memory. I’m turn off my pc, unplug memory, plug it back in different slot (was yellow yellow, i plug in black black)
Run cubase again, 30 min, no crashes and no BSOD

You could have knocked a Ram stick when installing the GPU.
I usually tend to have problems with SATA cables going bad after a computer upgrade.

can someone explain, how to send dump file to Steinberg Support ?
Never do it before…

How is this a Steinberg problem?

Please take a look at this post, I solved it by reading this and installed only the driver and nothing of the other 3D and hd drivers. Download the latest driver pack, select the custom driver install and select clean install and only highlight the top driver and the rest off…

Did you uninstall and disable the Intel graphics? Maybe there’s a conflict with those drivers.
And if possible in BIOS, set graphics to PEG (pcie graphics) instead of IGD (integrated).

oh, i forgot about inegrated… thank you, will uninstall it.

should i roll back to drivers or stay on latest ?

seems C8.5 works ok, maybe i should just re-install C9 ?

No try to do this first with the driver. Personally I am sticking with an older driver that makes Cubase rock solid, but try the latest driver and select only the top one in the custom install screen and mark clean install. The driver can really make things crash. I was surprised how big a differe it makes… Windows update installed a newer driver automatically and everything crashed in Cubase all the time so keep a driver install pack with the driver working on your system so you can install it as a clean install of windows update installs a newer version one day.