Cubase crash @ opening project: VideoEngineDecoder.exe

As of late, i have been experiencing random crashes when opening some projects.
C6 just dissapears and I get an error message from Windows about VideoEngineDecoder.exe that has stopped working.
There is no video in the project and usually the project opens fine on the second try.
Any idea as to what could be causing this?

I have also experienced this in Cubase 6.0.3 64-bit and Nuendo 5.5 64-bit - but on Mac OS X.

Even an empty session with only one plug-in (Kontakt 4.2.2) will cause crashes. Sometimes when you unload the Kontakt plug-in (just one of many causes, I’m sure…) I see the system log show a Nuendo crash report, but also it generates a “VideoEngineDecoder” crash report separately.

Yep, same thing for me. I’ve had two lock ups with "videoenginedecoder.exe has stopped working :cry:

Maybe the same/similar issue here??

I had my first videoengine error today while running a project, along with 4 other freezes in different projects that seem to be another issue.

Happened to me when I opened Halion Sonic SE , loaded “Rock Drums”, played a short piece of track, then message appeared. Cubase completely locked, the track kept playing, I couldn’t stop it!
There was mouse movement I couldn’t close the program or shut down, had to to use on/off switch.

Happened twice in quick succession, so for now I’m not using Halion Sonic SE drums

I’m seeing more and more crashes for this process being logged to the OSX system log. Some coincide with Cubase hangs/crashes, some not. Pretty unsettling. Weird thing is I am not using video in any of my sessions.

I’ve also been suffering from these random crashes, happening out of nothing. In my case it wasn’t when I loaded project, but when I moved the song position pointer with the numeric + - keys. Then I got the popup message, telling me that the videoenginedecoder somehow was influenced by this crash. I don’t use video in my projects, but I would think that these new C6 video processes are active all the time, and probably can make a stability impact on Cubase.

The sad thing is, that the crash is random. If I work through a day 8-12 hours, I sometimes see the error 1-2 times.


I have had a couple of problems with this.

I notice that it is a separate process in Task Manager. I found that I could kill the process and continue working. A warning about video pops up, but my projects usually don’t contain video in the first place.

I don’t remember seeing a separate process in previous Cubase versions. Steinberg is this new?

If so how, about a feature request?..“Disable video functions” in the Preferences. After all it’s using over 40mbytes of ram and - at this release at least is causing some stability issues.


Same here, killing this process on the taskmanager on startup for now…

unfortunately cubase 6.0.3 s graphics have become slow and unresponsive… downgrading to 6.0.2 :question:

videoenginedecoder crashes here too. i’m on mac. happens even on Cubase launch (so no plug-ins involved)

Confirmed here as well. Trying to copy some automation with CTRL-C, hangs the program every time. Killed the VideoEngine processes and works fine after that.