Cubase crashes due to GPU Drivers

As usual, less than a few hours of me stupidly saying CB is running, my system goes down again
Wha it’s going on with this program?
As you can see, it’s crashed, and yet Task manager says other wise.
Either way , I had to force quit it, which seems more the norm than using the Close button these days.
Please, no silly suggestions like use the studio driver, or check my GPU. . This is the second one I’m on with different drivers and still get graphics issues.
This on next boot. Hopefully this will give you a clue lol.

Ok, no help then…

There are no studio drivers for my card, and I’ve had the same issues with two different cards.
Not sure why you bother posting these tolling posts.
No, definitely no help.

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@Davebass5 I’ve followed some of the topics about your crashes, though can’t say I read every post –

If you have already tried all the software-ish solutions other forum members have proposed, have you considered the possibility of it being a hardware issue? (I don’t know what your hardware is, since you have not entered it into your profile.)

Did you contact Steinberg support with the error code? It might help.


I haven’t tried all the solitons as I have no idea what souluons I would need to try.
My point above was that the Studio drivers get recommended for most things, but they won’t work with my card so there is no point in that. I’ve also ‘checked my GPU’, it’s definitely in the PC as I can see it. Lol. If there is something more specific I need to check then I’m happy to, but I have multiple threads on here with issues, and I have changed my GPU with no improvement. Running hardware tests show no errors.

Really though, I was asking what was going on rather than how can I fix it.
The error code can be clearly seen. It means nothing to me but might to someone else.

I don’t know why it happens to you, but the first suggestion coming to my mind is to try an older driver version - or a newer one if available.

On Mac, there is a setting to disable GPU accelleration in Cubase, is that setting also available in the Windows version? Also, disabling HiDPI stuff might help.

Thanks. I have actually done all that. I’ve gone through 3 different drivers recently and Im also running with HiDPI turned off.
Might as well put it back on as it didn’t help, only make my workflow harder.

Have you tried DDU to remove gfx drivers and do a fresh driver install ?

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I was searching around a fair bit on this error and saw that referenced for the first time on the nVidia forum. I didn’t post a link just because I wasn’t familiar, plus it’s in a forum so isn’t the neatest way to share the info. But I think I’ll post it now since you introduced it, and this guy gave a pretty decent step-by-step on how to go about it. Read the 6th post by Greybear

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A hardware problem with your computer.

But how do you know its a hardware issue. where does it say that in the above screen shots. as far as i can see it says software/drivers. It doesn’t mention any of my hardware.

Thanks for that link. ill have a read through it.
For the record, ive used year old drivers, 6 month old drivers and the current drivers. All clean installs after a re boot, and only the driver and control panel.
Over the past few months ive used a GTX70ti and currently a GTX780. i get various issues each week (or day), neither have been crash free.
ive been using CB since 7am this morning and its bee fine, so its not that there is a serious issue with my system, just that CB doesn’t want to ply nicely all the time, unlike every other program i have on it.

Ive not used DDU (thank you Peakae) but will give it a go.

A driver is the (software-) interface to a hardware device used inside or connected to your machine…

I can read all your posts in the past, but…
So maybe it would be a good idea to include your system specs into your signature
this will reduce the time for others to collect information and trying to help…

I used a Nvidia card 5 years ago and had much problems with it, while others had no problems with the same card. I changed it to a Radeon card and all problems are gone…
and I reused the Nvidia card later for a different system and it works with no problem… so it could be a problem that is introduced through a combination of hardware and drivers, or incompatible versions…
To find the problem is not easy…

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A few things you can check to troubleshoot the error. First check the Windows Event Log (%windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc ) Look at the hardware events. If Windows creates a debug log file, you can also read it with the free WhoCrashed viewer. These will pinpoint what is causing your error.

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Yes, a driver is the bridge between the OS and Hardware, but isnt it just slightly possible there is a bug somewhere in the software, either CB or the drivers? There is nothing pointing to it being a hardware failure, but 99% of my issues are Steinberg related. Halion been crashing, VST3 pluggins caused issues, CB.exe, POS etc. The list is endless but its all related to the Steinberg software.
CB has a long list of bugs to fix, i can replicate at least 2 that ive never even complained about. Nvida bring out drivers every so many weeks. So my theory is its not hardware, its one or two of these bug ridden pieces of software, even possibly Windows 10 itself. If all the software worked 100% there would be no maintenance updates etc.
As you will/can have read, ive run so many tests on my hardware over the past few months, and not had one issue reported with it.
Its so easy for people to say. ‘Check xxx’, ‘change x to y’ etc, but these are just guesses, with no conclusive inflation that its the issue.
As you point out, neither ATI or Nvida are better than the other. I bet i could keep spending money on better and better GPU’s, and still have issues.
CB has been running since 7am this morning with not one issue. Its hard to find a fault when its running well, but it does seem to indicate my PC is up to the task.

Going back to my first post though, the main question, and i admit it wasn’t clear from the way i typed it, was why Windows is saying CB is running fine, and CB has said its crashed. This was what I meant by ‘what’s going on here’, rather than what caused the crash. Normally Task manager will say its not responding, but as you can see, it didnt.
I will add my PC specs to my sig. Good point.

that could be…
but it could be something else together with hardware and Cubase

I was trying to point to the combination of things… I suspect the motherboard in my system is incompatible with the Nvidia card… and the motherboard in the other system works like a charm with the same card…


I think people are staying on the hardware topic because when you look up this error code a lot of the time it is a hardware issue - that’s what the error code is saying. With some people it has turned out to be drivers; others not.

I’ve been building my own computers since the mid-90’s and several times when I’ve had issues like this it has turned out to be one of two simple things to fix. First, a couple times I’ve had issues because I over tightened the securing screw for the PICe slot at the back of the case, thus slightly unseating the card. Not enough to make it non-functional, but enough to cause big problems.
Second, I’ve had issues with dirty contacts on the card itself or the PCI slot. Pull the card and use a regular pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts on the card, and blow it clean with some compressed air. If you have electronic contact cleaner handy (Deoxit or the radio shack stuff) you could spray some on a Q-tip and clean the contacts that way too. Also with the can of compressed air, blow out the slot for the card, then re-install it making sure it’s seated firmly and don’t over tighten the screw, if you have one - (I know a lot of cases have securing latches these days).
Hope this is helpful.

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Hi @Davebass5 and thank you very much for reporting this crash.

Could you send me the corresponding crashlogs in pm? You can find them in your Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps


Sorry, no crash logs pertaining to any of these issues Well, just a 0kb file which i cant uploaded as its empty. Just that error code. As you can see, when i re booted there was nothing to indicate what the issue was.