Cubase crashes every day!

I can’t use Cubase for a single session without it crashing. Mostly it just blinks out of existence after a short audio stutter. But today it pulled a new one , freezing while I was tweaking a vst instrument.

My projects are always small. I have the Steinberg Audio power scheme and multi processing active. My laptop is not a powerhouse but in my experience a maxed out cpu just stutters a bit , it doesn’t crash the DAW. (And the cpu meter is only about half on avg)

I have tried tweaking settings here and there but I am shooting in the dark as I dont know Cubase very well. It seems to be a very fragile creature. I was using Reason for a whole year with only a couple of crashes. Can someone tell me what I should be looking for to fix?

My gear:
Cubase artist. 10.0.50, Windows 10. NI komplete audio 1. Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 8gb ram.

The same thing is happening to me on Mac (Mojave, iMac). It works fine for about 20 min or so but then crashes. Not sure why but making it difficult to work!

because it has memory leak. in 20 minutes it takes 20 gb in ram, go check yoursef!

I have read about memory leaks and crashing to windows does appear to be a symptom. I have downloaded a memory monitor called CleanMem mini. It sits in the bottom right corner of the screen and gives real-time memory usage with the option to clean it out if it goes in the red. I will update what I find out when I have spent a bit of time with it!

So what’s the solution here?

i guess we all need to wait for the next update

Did the Memory Monitor work?
Should I try it out?

I have had this problem on 8.5 10 and 10.5. I was told it’s my AMD gpu and to try integrated graphics.
two issues with that suggestion…

  1. People including myself have had the same issue with Nvida gpu’s
  2. Changing to the integrated gpu caused my elicenser to find changes in my pc so it was constantly bringing up an error.

I honestly believe that the gpu fault is false but i’m all ears if someone’s got a concreate solution to a problem that’s gone on for many years.

I am convinced this is a Cubase issue not a system issue. Nothing else on my system replicates the same error, not even Wavelab. The 10.5 update seems marginally more stable but after a week of work i have a crash log for every single day. Since finishing that project i just dont trust it enough to use it anymore which is a real shame because i have invested £££.

I’m a Nuendo 10 user, but the codebase is the same. If this was a mem leak from the code, everyone would be experiencing it. Have you tried

  1. reinstalling;
  2. Change the power plan - got to Power Options in Control Panel>Edit Plan Settings>Change Advanced Power Settings> Got to Processor power management and increase the Minimum processor state to 100% from 5;
  3. Upping the AsioGuard to High

I have the exact same issue.

I have Cubase 10 pro with Windows 10 on my brand newly built desktop (6 months old). My machine never crashes at all no matter how many tabs i have open in Chrome, videos playing, games etc …only when im in Cubase. It freezes the entire system, the mouse and keyboard totally unresponsive and i have to switch off the machine and switch it back on again.It only does it after about 5 minutes into a project. Its very frustrating that I cant finish off music. It seems ti give a very slight audio glitch before it does this literally half a second then total freeze.

My machine hardware is:

AMD Ryzen 5 - 2600MHZ
2 x 8GB ram (2166mhz Cosair)
NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti Boost
Windows 10 Pro
Cubase 10 pro

I have a few crash dumps from the reliability monitor.

Is there a fix for this?

I had lengthy correspondance with AMD and Steinberg. AMD had me try a couple of different drivers. Steinberg said the fix was definately in the 10.0.6 update. But i was still getting the crashes after the update. I then doubled down and payed for the 10.5 upgrade . Still crashing, support then just went full circle and told me to reset prefs again so i gave up with them as the prefs had just been reset.

I was banking on Cubase to be my main DAW but despite having taken the time to learn it and loving its workflow and features I cant bring myself to start new projects in it anymore because the crashes are guaranteed.


A new graphics sub-system has been introduced in Cubase 9.5 that seems to show incompatibilities with certain NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPU) and driver versions.


We haven’t found a solution to this issue yet as only few systems show this behavior and it is not reproducible on any system at Steinberg so far.

The above is taken from the Steinberg support. They give some solutions which are the usual… Roll back drivers, try different drivers etc etc.
If they admit they don’t have a solution yet but this was back on 9.5 and we are now on 10.5. How is this still a issue?
I think one post should be made and anyone with the crashing issue should put their hand up. We really need to know how many people have this issue and how wide spread over different machines and versions it is.

They can buy my laptop from me! Or swap it for one of theirs that they say runs Cubase flawlessly. Small price to pay i would think on their part.

@JackJackdaw: Do you also have Nvidia drivers installed on your laptop?

No I have AMD . Every crash log reports ucrtbase.dll as the culprit. I dont really know what that means. I sent all this info to Steinberg they havent helped.

This is not a memory leak, at least not in the case of my freezing, or not according to my system’s ability to log and/or monitor current resources. I have 32GB memory, I do use an nvidia 1080ti GPU, and none of the 5-6 crashes Ive seen in cubase 10.5 pro (win) in the last week or so have had anything to do with memory usage.

30 year network/systems admin here. I build render farms for professional artists, I build custom gaming and multimedia rigs, I support live and streaming productions and shows at professional S&E venues, and I support problems like these.

There are 2 MAJOR issues with Cubase 10.5 right now, at least, and they seem platform-independent.

You can verify this yourself by scanning over many of the threads on these forums, searching around online, or by reproducing these issues yourself on your same hardware.

I see the SAME crashing on Mac, I see the SAME crashing on Windows 10, I see the SAME CPU spikes and audio dropouts on Mac or Win, and I see NO actual solution to any of this other than “just wait for a patch.” I have an ongoing support ticket with Cubase/Yamaha and they are… giving me very little real info, dragging out my case for weeks, and asking me to continue helping them troubleshoot. I would never have bought this pro license recently if I had seen this… but I did not read these forums before making my purchase.

This needs to be addressed with a quickness. The issue seems to have been introduced in 10.5.12, or at least that is what the data seems to suggest. If I have to wait until Cubase 11, or 2021, etc, just to get a stable, FUNCTIONAL DAW, after the DECADES Ive spent evangelizing, training others on cubase, and working with it myself, I may… take ableton a little more seriously, as annoying as that sounds.

i too have a few crashes every day…mostly it’ll happen if i remove a track… the computer is ok until i try to take a new action then i get spinning ball of death for a few seconds and complete crash and exit of cubase…

my autosave is set to every 4 minutes to counter this…

maybe we need a crashlog thread because sending them to apple won’t help…

I had 8.5 Artist and I can’t say 100% but I did manage to record 55 full on projects without any issues or at least if I did, it may have been down to a bad driver or bad plugin etc and personally I found it to be a much better layout and experience.
I didn’t upgrade until 10 Artist and that is when I started getting the freezing and random crashes.
I refuse to except it’s my 5700xt when so many other people with so many different gpu’s are having the same issue.
Now I have moved up to 10.5 Pro (took advantage of the sale and hoped for better things) same thing happens.

I know I have already said it but if they changed Cubase from 9.5 onwards and issues have appeared, surely that pin points to some solution.
They even said they are using a new graphics sub-system and it shows incompatibilities with certain graphics so wouldn’t the solution be, change it back?

Did you receive this message yet?
“All I can say at this point is that we are still working on the issue reported. It is a rather complex combination of dependencies and not easy to reproduce.
We will keep you updated on the progress”.

I think Steinberg tried to make Cubase look better but forgot what customers really want, Reliability and ease of use.
Without the reliability people will move on which I have thought about myself but, they have made it really difficult to open my projects in another daw.