Cubase crashes when importing audio

When I try to import audio into any project in Cubase 10.50 on my mac the application immediately crashes. It works fine in 10.
I tried to attach the crash report from my mac, but it wasn’t allowed.

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Could you attach a *.crash file, please? Why it wasn’t allowed? Attach the source *.crash file directly. Or petit to your Dropbox (or similar) and share the link, please.

Hello! I have the same problem when I try to import audio cubase crashes! if I load audio from the wire by dragging and dropping, then the download is normal, which gives me the opportunity to work

Cubase 10.5
Mac os Canalina 10.15.1
Cubase 10.5_2019-11-18-041200_MATIENKOs-MacBook-Pro.crash (132 KB)

I’m having the same issue.
No solution so far.


I reported to Steinberg CAN-26107. Could you please describe when exactly does it crash? When the Import Options window appears or even earlier? Thanks

/Users/matienko/Desktop/Запись экрана 2019-11-18 в


Could you upload the video to Dropbox or similar service, please?


Next time, attach the source *.crash file, please.

This one is an known and already reported one.

BTW - the same happens when I try to import a Video file…let us hope they will fix that too in the update


Yes, it’s the same issue.

Same issue here. Clicking the Import button in the Pool window = instant crash.


As I wrote: I reported to Steinberg.

Same issue here - brand new Mac 2019 Catalina, brand new Cubase 10.5. Import any audio and it instantly crashes/closes.

No reply from Support on this yet.
Cubase 10.5_2019-12-04-225620_sams-iMac.crash (147 KB)

Same situation over here. I have worked with Cubase Pro 8.5 very pleasantly for over 3 years on an older 2009 iMac-27, with all possible OSX upgrades afterwards. Because of increased number of recording sessions on (far) locations outside my home/studio, I decided to invest in an easy-portable 2019 Macbook-16 with plenty of speed & capacity. It runs on OSX Catalina, and my old Pro8.5-version seemed to install & run well at first instance. Until the infamous instant crash of ‘Import Audio’ … Reading relevant reviews on Steinberg directed me towards upgrade to Pro 10.5. … so I did … the new program runs well - again - on my most used functions , only the annoying ‘Import Audio’ instant crash is still there … really looking forward to getting this issue solved by Steinberg …

This is happening to me when I try to import audio but also when clicking the “Open Other” button on the main “projects” window. It seems to be cause by the file browser within Cubase. It will crash during any function that executes a file browser dialog. I saw that this was reported to Steingberg but is there a ticket or support document that acknowledges this issue and provides an ETA for resolution?

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This is an known issue of Cubase 10.5. At some systems, Cubase 10.5 crashes when open Import Audio or Import Video dialog on Mac.

The crash is in the dialog itself, so as a workaround, you can import by using drag and drop to the project from MediaBay or Finder.

Hi Martin, thank you for the update and workaround! I want to point out that this is also an issue with 9.0 and not just 10.5. Please relay that to the product team so that a patch for 9.0 is also released. Thanks again!


I’m not aware of the same crash in Cubase 9.0.