Cubase crashing before opening- new machine, fresh w7 instal

Hey friends,

So I’ve just upgraded my system (see spec in signature). Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the latest Cubase 8 update and e-licencer drivers. The install seemed alright (apart from an error coming up during Retrologue and Halion) but it won’t open, it shows up in task manager but disappears completely before loading to steinberg hub screen.

Also, if anyone has contact details for Steinberg support in the UK that would be amazing, it’s not obvious where these are?..

Any help much appreciated. :astonished:

Try with w8, w10 is comming soon, dont operate on old OS with new hardware and software.

Sure, but it should still work with Windows 7…

Hi there,

please have a look here:


Yes, it should still work with Win7 but is there a particular reason why you don’t want to run Win8? If you’re doing a fresh install anyway, it would seem to be the best thing to do.

I am wary of trying Windows 8 as it’s early days and generally there are often a lot of problems with brand new OS with regards to stability and plugins, but perhaps I should try it as a dual boot with 7 and see how it goes…

Problem sorted- it was the Service Pack 1 that was needed. I thought I’d installed it via Windows Update but it didn’t work, so a manual download and install did the trick.

Thanks for your help, I can finally make music again!

However, I would still really like to know how to contact Steinberg support for future reference???

I am wary of trying Windows 8 as it’s early days

Early days?? I suspect the W10 free upgrade will bring a fairly swift conclusion to W8 useage after it’s released next month.