Cubase deleted my key commands

For no apparent reason Cubase just deleted my key commands preferences, and it even deleted my presets ?

I scanned through my computer for *.key on C: and didn’t find anything

This is just terrible, with no reason I don’t have my key commands any more?

I would appreciate any help thanks in advance

It’s unlikely that happened.

Note that *.key hasn’t been the file suffix for key commands files since 1999 or so.

Can you tell me please what is the file extension for key commands preset? Using Cubase 10.5

And what for sure did happen is that I started Cubase and it for some reason initialized all my plugins and it took a very long time, and then it opened without my key commands, and there are no presets on the list

That sounds like the program could not access the Cubase User Settings Folder, so it reinitialized.

Check out this link for the info about settings files including key commands.

I followed the link and here is my key commands preset library:

Wouldn’t you say my presets are deleted?

Also Windows cannot find this path:

But the path I have in the picture should be the correct one?

The image you posted is the program directory, which is where the program is installed, not the user settings folder.

What you need is the User Settings Data Folder, and a link to that was placed in your Windows Start menu when the program was installed, so if you hit the Windows logo key and start typing User Settings Data Folder in the search field it should navigate to that folder.

If %appdata%/Steinberg
which is also known as
C:\Users\<your computer username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\
is missing, it was deleted somehow. It would not be possible for Cubase to have done that.

Thank you for your answers, I browsed to this path:

C:\Users\Omer\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Presets\KeyCommands

And it was empty.

Then I activated an old profile I saved, now the folder is full of the files again
The good news is I have my presets back, but this actually means Cubase did delete my presets? I mean before restoring the profile, this folder was empty

No. Cubase does not have such a function. Something else must have happened, impossible to say what it was, without actually being in front of your computer.

Are you sure that switching profiles doesn’t change anything in the key commands presets?

That’s just a fact, restoring the profile immediately changed the content of the folder

Would be really nice to see these things being addressed in next versions, this was really stressing

Now you’ve lost me. You did not say you switched profiles-- and you also said that %appdata%/Steinberg (which is the User Settings Data Folder) could not be found on your system.

I’m just going by the details in your posts which is the only info I can go by…

It’s conceivable that you used the profile function to create an initialized profile, this could result in the “symptoms” you saw, but that info was missing from your posts

Anyway, sounds like you have things working again.

No I didn’t switch profiles at all

The problem just happened out of the blue as far as I can tell. I opened Cubase, it re-initialized my vsts and then no key commands…

I only switched profiles when trying to solve the problem, I thought maybe it could help.

What did happen BEFORE the problem started, is that a few days ago I indeed tried to revert to an older profile, after Cubase deleted some other preferences I have. But then I used it for a few days with no problems at all…

I think all those problems derive from one problem I have when trying to close Cubase after finishing working, it usually doesn’t respond and I have to end task…probably it’s better for me to end task before hitting Quit so Cubase doesn’t have an opportunity to mess things up

Anyway I appreciate your quick responses and all of your help!
Have a good day!

This is definitely not true because Cubase saves its prefs while quitting, so doing this will likely break things.

What you should do is find the root cause of why Cubase doesn’t quit, which is likely due to a 3rd party plugin.

Thanks that’s interesting to know,

But if my prefs are saved in general and from before working on that specific project, will it be wise to end task and not quit properly?

You’re right that it has to be a 3rd party plugin, but I still haven’t figured out which one, it’s basically big projects that cause this, and if you wait about an hour, it finishes quitting properly

There’s no such thing as "my prefs are saved in general ", so no.

When you’re working on a project, as long as you don’t quit Cubase you’re risking losing your settings and prefs? I thought only the project itself might be lost and that’s what auto save is for

Hey guys, sorry to jump in here,

I was going to ask on a new topic as of where does the Key Commands are saved, but I was hoping you can help me here,

For the life of me, I can’t find my own key commands, I am on a PC , windows 10, Cubase Pro 11.

I save them when I create my key commands, but I can’t find the actual saved file.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

PS. The following cannot be found. I go to Users but there is no AppData folder, and of course , I cannot get to Key Commands - C:\Users\Omer\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Presets\KeyCommands

Hey mate obviously you can’t find it unless we have the same name :grinning:

Change the path to include your username

Ahahhaa, so sorry,

My bad, I was going to paste the path with ‘username’ etc. and copied and pasted the wrong thing,

I wanted to paste this path:

C:\Users<your computer username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\

I had a look on my username, found it, went into the folder, and no AppData folder in there exists.