Cubase does not recall VCA mute states (the problem.....)

Cubase starts each project with VCA tracks unmuted, no matter what their mute state was when the project was last saved.

This is frustrating because tracks connected to various VCA are muted due to muting the VCA track, but when restarting the project, there is no quick way to unmute those tracks because the VCA mute states reset.

If it were able to unmute those connected tracks by Muting/Unmuting the VCA tracks then no problem, but this has no effect. So what you’re left with is a bunch of individual tracks that you have to manually unmute.

This is confusing as well, because you don’t know which tracks were muted separate to the VCA track muting.

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Don’t use VCA’s. Implementation is messed up in so many ways.

Use groups. OR I’ve had better luck just linking the tracks WITHOUT the VCA. This gets around some of the unexpected behavior when the VCA fader is actually visible.

VCA is great. But it’s so buggy… I think that if you don’t use the automation on VCA all good. But I am not sure…

Hmm Groups might be the way to go.

I could still mute/unmute groups of tracks via Groups and also have the added benefit of being able to add effects.

I have had no problem automating the VCA volume before?

You are happy then. Check here some topics about problem with VCA…

I’m not happy at all with VCAs but automation seemed to work.

Check this one


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.