Cubase doesn't reconize the eLicense since I install Dorico Pro 3.5 Trial

Cubase doesn’t recognize the eLicense since I installed Dorico Pro 3.5 Trial so i cannot open my Cubase Element 10. Help me please.


Could you attach the exact message, you get, please? Could you attach a screenshot of the eLCC application (please, blur the Soft-eLicenser Number), please?

I m not realy happy of Cubase. Since i got it i loose twice my DAW (CUBASE) Because of the upgrade. If you don’t put your upgrade your DAW doesn’t work. I loose time and money. Lately i add Dorico 3.5 pro Trial and yet another time i loose my DAW (License conflic between my Cubase and Dorico and no one from steinberg to help me. I write on the forum. They ask me screenshot so i send the screenshot and nothing since. It’s more than a week. Lost of money and time. I think about buying another DAW. Cubase eLicense too complcated. I’m sad because Cubase is my favorite DAW. I like Dorico too but i’m afraid now. See last time someone want me to record him. À lot of preparation and time and when it’s time to record no license. I’m tired of that. I paid for my license so i want a working DAW.


Sorry, I don’t see any screenshot here.

It’s already more than a week since i cannot use my Cubase i’m so mad. I think to be reimbursed. Every time there update Cubase doesn’t works. I need it to work 24h a day 7 days a week with or without update. I’m sick of it. I paid for something that doesn’t works. It the third time it append to me and it’s already to much. eLicense is the problem you realy need to resolve it. Now send me my new code (that another thing) why ? It should be one number for all time. That it. Too complecated. I have a code and that’s it. It supposed to work anytime. Not stop to works when your update are not update and you need a new code. What is that? That is so not effective. Last time bye Cubase. I will search on line for the most easy and simple DAW. Someone have Ideas? Something that works all the time? I’m more than mad. Alot of people work with crack and I chosse to pay for my license to be right by law but now I pay for it. I give you a last chance to fix my problem and next time I loose time and money because of the eLicense or what ever you will have to pay me back. I paid for an app. Give me my app. Bye !

Sorry! It is not possible to help you if you don’t reply with the info requested.

You didn’t install Cubase Pro in error also, did you? Ensure that you’re trying to run Cubase Elements application.

Also, @steve and @Martin.Jirsak are very helpful moderators here who devote their own time to help other users. So, It’s a waste of time complaining about the e-licenser, cubase or steinberg to either of them.

If you supply the info they’re asking for you would probably have this fixed by now. I Appreciate your frustration, but i’d rather see you get sorted than waste your time complaining to the wrong people. :slight_smile:

To attach a screenshot, you need to do it on this forum (not email) - you can just copy and paste an image direct into your message. But please blur/blank out your license details.

It said (sorry you can’t embed image on the topic or forum). How do I send you my screenshot?

I just copy and paste from the “snip & sketch” (Built-in app for Windows 10), but perhaps your file format isn’t compatible to copy and paste.

Try the upload button when you reply:-

That’s exactly what I do and this is the message that i got. You have an email ?

Ok I try this

Thanks to you all because i know you try to help me. But i don’t understand why i have to go on forum not directly the compagny to get help. are you agree?

Yes i do agree, but it’s very common with companies now. Purely down to finances, sadly. I imagine there’s a large number of requests that are better dealt on forums with a wider shared knowledge, perhaps?

Ok, i had to translate your image to english:-

License Activation
This activation code has already been used. An activation code can only be used once for
Enter the Activation Code
or upgrade a license.

The License Activation code has been recognized as correct
Please contact your software reseller for a valid activation code
Please click on ‘Activate license’ to continue.
An Internet connection is required to complete the process
license activation.
Enter the Activation Code
License activation failed.
[Amulet lice
Cubase Elements 10
Steinberg, Salt…
Cancel license activate license

So, this looks like you’re trying to re-enter the license that you already have entered in the past - you don’t need to re-enter that code as it’s already in your account.

You should just be able to run Cubase Elements - what happens when you run the software?

Also, is it possible you are trying to run Cubase Elements on a different computer than you originally installed it on? If so, you need to login to your mysteinberg account and request a new activation to move it to the different machine. Ignore this if you’re not using a different computer


This is called Reactivation in the MySteinberg account.

Can you see the Soft-eLicenser Number in your MySteinberg account? Can you see the license in your MySteinberg account? Do you see the Soft-eLicenser Number for the license in your MySteinberg account? Does it match your current Soft-eLicenser Number?

Hi I’m in the Steinberg website and they ask me :
(Please enter the new Soft-eLicenser number. A reactivation provides you with new Activation Codes for all contained product licenses…)
The problem is (as you saw on my printscreen) my license is good so i can’t provide a new one. I realy don’t know what to do.

I uninstalled the e License. I cleaned the computer. I restarted. But unfortunately it’s still my old license.

Do I have to remove Cubase and install it again? I wish not. I already loose more time (and money) than the price of the license. I don’t even know what to say.

Please, slow down. The problem appears to be that you are not reading and responding carefully to the people trying to help you – on their own time, just as you.

Post a screen shot of your Elicenser Control Center. The whole thing, with nothing covering any part of it. Once you do that, it will be possible to start helping you.

I’m working in computer i have no problem with that. I made everything i’m supposed to do. Ok Here is the problem and that’s why is difficult to solve. My eLience is ok. So I cannot have a new one. You can have a new one when it’s not ok. I check alot of YouTube Steinberg video about that. The problem is when i open Cubase it say that : No available license. The program gonna close. (I translate from french) So I hit the button (start license activation) and the eLicense open. They ask me to put my (activation code) so I put it there and it said that my Activation code is an old one and i cannot use it anymore. But Why when i do a (maintain) on my eLicense it said that everything is alright (as you see on my screenshot) I want you to know that i’m realy happy that you tried to help me. I’m just very disapointed from Steinberg service.

sorry, couldn’t read your wall of text.

If you want to provide the info requested, someone will probably reply.

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