Cubase <-> Dorico multiple expression map files editor & converter

Hello Dorico team,
I’m not sure is this the right place for such request, but in case it isn’t, then, please, pass it to the right one! :slight_smile:
I know that gradually Dorico and Cubase are getting closer but still many moons will turn until they have decent synchronization and integration.
As you already know in Cubase is much more comfortable to split the articulations into different track e.g: Longs, Shorts, Effects… and have separate sets for those groups of articulations, like the one created by the Art Conductor.
Here my request comes…

Would be nice if have a separate (portable) tool, which works outside of Dorico, or Cubase/Nuendo. where we could combine those separate expression map files and attach their proper symbols (unfortunately most of the Cubase E.Ms missing the symbols), channels and modify CC, KS or PC if needed. Would be nice if we could use this E.M. portable tool in the opposite direction in order to create few separate files from singular, if we would like to, with an option to select multiple articulations, to add them into groups on our wish and export them as multiple expressionmap files.

Such a tool will be very helpful for all of us who are using Virtual Instrument Libraries inside both Dorico and Cubase, especially since many of us own the Art Conductor sets.
Would be great if this Expression Maps Tool could also be able to connect Dorico, or Cubase (depending for which platform we are creating sets) or directly to Vienna Ensemble Pro and test their performance (the same way like the Play button in the Dorico’s Expression Maps).

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,