Cubase Elements 6 - THE BIG QUESTION...

CE6 looks very interesting for me to put on my laptop and carry around.

Now for the important question which will basically decide if I buy it or not:

Does it need a stupid dongle?

Well after digging a bit I found this:

Which apparently lists a ****ing dongle requirement.
**Be aware Steinberg that I would have bought this if it didn’t need a stupid **ing dongle.

Seriously - get with the times. This is 2011 and people use LAPTOPS and don’t want to 1) lose 50% of the USB ports, or 2) have to keep a laptop with a fragile piece of plastic sticking out of the side.

I mean - your own eLicenser technology supports a soft-license type DRM. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS!?!?!?!?!

*EDIT - turns out it uses the soft eLicenser! Laptop users rejoice! I am downloading now. (Thanks to crohde for the info)

Fitz - this was EXACTLY what I was wondering about. I probably would buy it in an instant as well if it didn’t need a dongle - for laptop use while airplane travelling, etc. But since it does … that’s an extra $99 that Steinberg isn’t getting.

Oh well!

I would like to compare this with Magix´s Samplitude: the smallest (!) version of SAM does not (!) require a dongle. Very nice, indeed.
I have no problem with the cubase dongle in the studio, easy to use.
But why is this user-friendly strategy of Magix not possible for the cubase series?

It is possible - the eLicenser software supports a ‘Soft-eLicenser’ (SeL). You can actually transfer your dongle license into the SeL on a machine and back again. Steinberg just don’t enable the functionality which is quite frankly, boneheaded IMO. Their excuse? Because it’s apparently ‘easier’ for their users to limit them to a stupid ****ing physical dongle.

It’s sh1t like this that drives people to competitors.

  • 1000000000.

I use Samplitude 11 Producer for my laptop, no dongle required !

Like you, I have no problem with the Cubase/WL dongles in the Studio, they are never removed but am not prepared for all the hassles that could occur using dongles in the laptop.

This is no big deal. Get a short USB extensiion cable and you will not have to worry about a hard thing sticking out of your laptop. If you want Cubase, go with the program. Or, not! Too much whining. :cry:

I really can’t understand why anyone from Steinberg doesn’t bother to answer to some simple questions.
After all,we are willing to BUY. I already asked twice about compatibility and dongle and received a big silence instead :confused:

Anyway,according to this thead in kvraudio
Carlos M. Rohde ,Cubase product marketing coordinator ,says that
''This Cubase version doesn’t need a USB-eLicenser (dongle), it works with a software based copy protection (Soft-eLicenser)

Now,if anyone could confirm…

Maybe you should check this for the answer about the Soft-eLicenser on Elements.

It states: "To run Cubase Elements 6 you have to activate the product license on your Soft-eLicenser by using the activation code. "

Now that’s interesting and directly contradicts the system requirements that clearly state a USB requirement.

Hmm… there may be hope yet.

Can anyone confirm if the download version works with the soft-eLicenser for sure?

While I’m sure Samplitude is great, it would mean learning to work with another package and if I was going to do that I might as well switch to Logic or Ableton (both of which I am licensed for, I just prefer Cubase).

Absolutely. There is simply no way I would ever risk a dongle on the road knowing that if it breaks, lost or stolen then I’m basically ****ed and potentially looking at damaged USB ports on a very expensive laptop.

For you perhaps. Guess what? Other people have different requirements.

Then I have a short USB cable sticking out of my laptop… with a stupid dongle on the end. This is not a solution.

Well that’s a page alright ! But it’s so well hidden that no one could find it!
It’s not in the Elements 6 product page and it’s the opposite from what is stated in the specs and downloads>minimum requirements page…

But it’s a sign…And it’s also a disrespect from Steinberg people that we are not getting a clear answer…maybe they don’t know themselves.

I´m almost sure, it´s because the “real” day to day job of the “Steinberg people” is not (in the first place) answering questions of people who need their (of course more-important-than-anything-) questions answered only by “Steinberg people”, even if the info can be found on their page…

If you´re talking about this page
Then you will see, that all the links refer to Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6, and therefore probably don´t apply to Cubase Essential 6.

Thats what I think too, It just mentions C6

And which page would that be? The one niles linked to? I have no idea where niles found that but it is certainly not easy to find. -> Now available, Cubase Elements 6 - click

Nothing about licensing.

Ok lets click at the top - Products - Cubase / Versions

Some info but nothing about licensing. Detailed comparison?

Nothing about licensing.

Link at the top of the page - Specs & Downloads

Aha - licensing, nothing mentioning any specific version of Cubase, only a reference to ‘the software’. Clearly says: “USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)”

I don’t know where niles found that link that mentions the SeL, but it is certainly anything other than ‘easy to find’.

But where did he find that link? It’s certainly not in any obvious place, and in fact in the ‘obvious’ place (namely the big links at the top of the page) it clearly states that USB is needed.

The ‘only one advantage’ is kind of the point.

Classic straw man argument if ever I heard one. Never mind guys - bredo’s friend said he preferred the physical dongle - I guess that means we only imagined thinking it would be great if we didn’t have to use one.

I don’t know about you, but I have never had to rebuild any of my Macs. And you know what? If I did? That’s not your problem.

I use Cubase 6 on the main studio Mac Pro, and as it’s a fixed machine that never moves, the dongle isn’t a problem. For my laptop however with only two USB ports and when travelling, it IS a problem for me and a number of other people. You are happy with the dongle? I have no problem with this, but do not tell me what is best for my situation.

The eLicenser technology permits the transfer of licenses to and from a USB dongle and a machine. You want to use a dongle, that’s great, use a dongle. How does allowing other people to transfer it into their laptop affect you in any way whatsoever?

True, the lack of a search engine on Steinberg’s site is a PITA when you need this kind of info.
But we have Google :sunglasses:
Although, that isn’t easy either because of the excessive use of heading tags in the code of the Steinberg site. But it does the job.

Also check this Getting started video @ 0.58, nothing about an USB port.

Elements can also be bought as download, again, nothing about an USB licenser.
When an USB-eLicenser is required, you get notified in the Steinberg shop by this phrase: “USB-eLicenser required What is this?” .

When I check out Elements at my favorite musicstore, one of the requirements is:
“Internet Connection for Licenc activation required”, again, nothing about an USB licenser.

Elements is officially released may 23rd so it could be not all the info is up to date yet on the Steinberg site.

Edit: Don’t want to be a smartass, but a little side note for if you want a chance to get an answer from a Steinberg representative in the future. Use a clear subject title for your question like: “Cubase Elements 6, USB- or Soft-ELicenser?” instead of an abstract subject line like: “Cubase Elements 6 - THE BIG QUESTION…”

I was often traveling all the years with my laptop and Cubase on it.
Every day I´ve lost my dongle, so every time I bought a new one and a new complete license. (only for safety these days, you newer know…)
I’ve got so used to it - and now??
suddenly everything will be different??
no more dongle for Cubase (Elements)?
I do not feel well.
I’m close to tears.
No kiddin´.
(But let’s wait first, I expect a concrete statement from Steinberg, then you can reach me handkerchiefs)