Cubase Elements 8 score printing problems

When I try to print a score in Cubase Elements 8, either one stave or more, it works twice with the page correctly sized. When I go to print, a border appears on the score, showing the page margins and the page prints well.

If I try a third time the margin settings are ignored and the score only prints if the window is re-sized to about A4. If it’s bigger then only a part of the score prints, but still without margins. On these occasions a border doesn’t appear on screen, as it does with the first two attempts.

If I re-load the project the first two attempts work again, and then it reverts to being problematic.

Is this an in-built limitation of Elements 8? Or am I missing something?

No reply from Steinberg support yet. Still have problem. Sometimes it will only print the first page too, when there are more.

Still no reply from Steinberg. I’ve now got the full 8.5 pro trial version, which works perfectly when printing scores. But I don’t need the additional features. I can only believe the Elements version trims down the printing, and this restriction has caused a problem as it just doesn’t work on my system. I still get a correct printout when Elements is first loaded, and then this stops working. I also get error messages when trying to print with Elements 8, and I’ve forwarded on of these to Steinberg for their advice.


Could you please post a step by step guide on how to reproduce this, perhaps it is a Cubase Elements 8 bug, I am not an expert with the score editor, to be hones I barely use it.
If it works fine the first two and the third time it fails it sounds more like a bug than a limitation of the Elements version.

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Thanks Guillermo,

Open project. Click on one or more MIDI item and open Score Editor. The display is always good, whether one or more midi items are opened.

Then click print and for the first two attempts the score changes to show a border and the print is good. But after these two attempts, the border does not appear on the screen and the printout has no borders. Also, sometimes but not consistently the print dialogue only shows one page is available - when there should be more - and only one page prints. Resizing the score window seems to have some effect, but again this is not consistent. When the printing does not work correctly the size of the score window seems to have a direct effect on what is printed. If it worked all the time like it does when the project is first opened I’d be really delighted with Elements.

I know Elements has only a basic score functionality, but what it has doesn’t seem to work as it should.

Sometimes a crash report follows clicking on print, and I’ve forwarded one of these in a technical support request. I have received a standard email acknowledgment of this on 29/4/16, but no further reply.

Since encountering this problem I’ve downloaded the trial 8.5 Pro, and the score printing works every time. This would seem to rule out a problem with my system, but I’m open to any suggestions…

In addition, I don’t think there are any issues with the MIDI files as I have an old VST Score and if I export the files to this score printing is perfect.

I’ve also looked at the files in List Editor, and they just contain what they should.


Please download and install the latest maintenance update for Cubase Elements 8 the Cubase Elements 8.0.40, and see if it solves your problem:

It is not on the list of issues solved but who knows…

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Thanks for your help. I’ve just updated and still have the problem. It works twice correctly and then the layout doesn’t have the correct margins.

Also if the score window is too big then part of the score at the right is missing. This was the case before.

Any other suggestions?

Following more advice from Steinberg support I’ve also updated ELicenser and reset all Steinberg preference folders so new folders have been generated.

I still get two successful printouts and then no margins and bits missing. This occurs for me in Cubase Elements 8. The trail version of 8.5 Pro works every time and so does my old VST Score.

Could anyone else try printing from the Score Editor on their system - ideally Windows 7 like me? You don’t need to be too familiar with a score - just open a MIDI file in Score Editor and then print - try this more than twice. For me, on the first two attempts a border appears on the score window and the printout is correct. Then no border and missing bars or pages. I’ve learned you don’t need to go as far as printing to paper as you can see what’s going to happen when no border appears, although I have usually committed to paper being ever hopeful.

Tried a quick test here with Windows 10 x64 and Cubase Elements 8.0.40 x64 printing to PDF and could not reproduce. The three PDF files are identical.

Just to be more precise, for me it occurs after selecting three different midi tracks. Thanks to MrSoundman for trying this out.


Have you tried starting Cubase Elements 8 in safe mode?

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Just tried Safe Start Mode (Ctrl+Shift+Alt) and disabling preferences. Tried with usual ASIO driver (Presonus Firepod) and no ASIO driver.

Still have the problem. Also have the same issues when printing to XPS files. Don’t think I have option to print to pdf on Windows 7 x64.

If you upload a sample (small) project, I’ll try to print from it to XPS which I can then upload for you to compare.

This is how a section of the score first appears and everything appears ok.
Screenshot 1.jpg

This is the first attempt at printing. A border appears on the score (and a blank area)
Screenshot 2.jpg

Then another attempt at printing. The same process occurs as with the first attempt.
Screenshot 3.jpg

Then at the third attempt there is no border on the screen or the printout, and there is only one page to print when there should be two.

Resizing the score window at this point seems to have some effect on the resulting printout. This is not the case with the first two attempts at printing.

Sometimes get an error message at this stage.
Screenshot 4.jpg

OK I’ve tried this now and I don’t get the blank areas when the print dialog appears. The border is visible in the preview but not on the printout. I printed 3 times to XPS and all three files are identical. So no, I can’t reproduce here (again, Cubase Elements 8.0.40 64-bit on Windows 10 Pro on my laptop, not what’s in my sig).

Very good of MrSoundman to persist with this. Yes, I think the blue outline border on the screen just indicates the outline of the white border on the printout. When it fails for me there’s no left margin at all on the printout and only a very narrow top margin - and what’s on the right of the printout seems to depend on the size of the score window. The blue on-screen border is just an indication, and for me, when it’s missing, the printout is incorrect with bars missing on the right, and often no page after the first, when there are more. Really grateful for the help and yes, the blank areas are puzzling too. Steinberg technical are on to this so hopefully there’ll be a positive outcome soon.

Have you tried to do the printing on another printer? I hope to test my E8 today, just have to find a midi song.