Cubase Elements: does it require a dongle?

Hi folks

I would like to buy Cubase Elements. Does it require an eLicenser dongle? More specifically, can I run it without the dongle? and if so, is it possible to install the license to 2 computers?

In this post, its implied that no dongle is reuquired. But Im not sure.

The thing is, I own Cubase Pro, BUT I want to give Cubase Elements to one of my clients, so we can work together. He is in a region where we would have to wait weeks or months before a shipped dongle arrives.

I´d like to help him authorize this “soft-license” to his 2 computers. Can it be done with a single Cubase Elements License?


No you don’t need a dongle for Elements.
BUT without the Dongle you can only authorise it for use on one computer.
With a dongle, like its more senior relatives you can use it on more than one computer.

No does not require an eLicenser dongle.
AFAIK you can only use it on one computer.

Oops too late… asked and answered already

It doesn’t require a dongle and you can use it on more than one computer (not at the same time), but you need to go through the reactivation process, where they basically have to send you a new activation key every time you switch computers. The eLicenser dongle makes this much easier, since you only have to plug it into the machine currently in use.

Thanks you guys! Great info!

Now what if he authorizes his laptop, can he still use the dongle on his PC at home?

I don´t want this guy losing the dongle. He looses everything :stuck_out_tongue:

You only get one license, he can only use one computer at a time. The dongle merely makes it easier to move the license around.

…and it’s either on a single PC or a dongle and once you’ve put it on a dongle you can’t move it back to a PC.

…to answer more abruptly:



You don’t lose everything if you lose the dongle. As long as you have registered it you can get a new new license put on to a new dongle. If you already have a spare dongle it can be accomplished quickly using Steinberg’s Zero Downtime procedure.

Thank you so much guys.

A final question.

What if we authorize his laptop via soft e-licenser and THEN, after a few weeks we want to transfer that license to a dongle?

Is it complicated to erase the soft license from the computer and move it over to the dongle?

Thing is, we need to start working and the dongle will take an unpredictable amount of time to arrive to him.

Thanks again!

It is rocket science… you have to click the license with the mouse, and while keeping the the mouse button pressed, you hav to move the mouse to the field with the USB eLicenser, and the when you arrived there release the mouse button. I think some call it drag and drop also - very difficult, but we have faith in you…
And if everything else Fails, there is a complete guide with all that had been written here (and then some)on the Steinberg page

Ok thanks svennilenni!

:laughing: that was hillariously helpful.

Being that Steinberg changes their website so often, I´ve come to trust more on the mileage of forum experts such as yourself.


Sorry to hijack the thread but I don’t want to start a new one.
I’m using elements which is installed on my desktop pc via the elicense software. If I wanted to use it as a mobile setup on my MacBook would I be able to do so with the dongle? Is there a license issue being that one is mac and one is pc?


If I understod correctly what Svennilenni said:

  1. In eLicenser Control Center, you can transfer the license via drag and drop from the PC to the dongle
  2. It doesnt matter if its mac or PC, a license is a license.
  3. The license can only exist in one device at the same time. For portability, the dongle is better of course.

Look here.

Thanks @Svenilenni for pointing it out.

As long as your license doesn’t say it’s Windows only (they haven’t been for years I think), then that will be fine.