I own Cubase Pro 9...can I also use a copy of Elements on the same license on my laptop??

Hey all,

I have the full Cubase pro 9 license, which i use on my studio imac, and I also have a portable laptop studio using pro 9.
I love Cubase, but hate the dongle and live in constant fear of forgetting the dongle on a location recording with my laptop.

So I was wondering…the lesser versions of Cubase that DONT require a dongle …Elements?..under my Pro 9 license (ie, without having to pay for it) could I use a copy of this on my laptop, even just as a back up in case I do forget the dongle, or my dog eats it?
Many location recordings I am just using a simple configuration of Pro 9 and I’m sure in these circumstances often a lesser version of Cubase would suffice…

I dont feel i should pay for another Cubase license- the pro 9 one isn’t cheap!


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No, sorry, you can’t use the Elements version for free on your Laptop without a dongle.

But the elements one is…
And since you own a Pro license already, you don’t have to pay for another one - you can use the one you paid for.

Hi, my understanding was that Artist requires a dongle but Elements didn’t need the hardware donlgle?

Hi, thanks for replying!

So…just to get this straight…I can use Elements on my laptop, with no dongle, and its covered by my pro 9 license?

It’s covered by your Cubase Pro license, but your computer can only see that you have this license if the USB eLicenser is connected to it. So you’ll have to buy Cubase Elements to use it without a dongle.

Note that Steinberg is able to restore your licenses if you lose your USB eLicenser for as long as it doesn’t happen very often.

Ah, I see…thats a bummer! But thanks for explaining…do you think if I asked nicely, Steinberg would give me a free copy of elements?! :smiley:

The dongle thing is such a pain…it’s really the only serious grouch I have about Cubase!

I agree … the dongle thing is a pain. I lost mine this weekend and couldn’t figure about ZDT for a while.

And I also travel a lot. It would be great to have something for portability. One problem with elements is you won’t be able to use many features you are used to on Pro. This dongle problem if going to get worse because the new Mac’s don’t even have a USB input anymore. Why can’t we go to the Native Instruments kind of security – or just have some way of registering computers.

No! But I wish you luck if you try, and you’ll never know unless you ask. :slight_smile:

I have a separately licensed Elements version on my Laptop for the convenience as you describe. I got it for £40 as an upgrade from a version of Cubase AI that had come with an Audio interface. It’s worth checking you haven’t got a similar free copy of AI (or LE) hanging around somewhere (it might have even just been a download link). Personally I think it was worth £40 as I wouldn’t want to drag the dongle around with me.

I wouldn’t want to use Elements on my laptop myself. I think I’d just take my dongle since Steinberg will replace the license if I lose it.

If you take the dongle with you and lose it, there is no guarantee that Steinberg will replace it. I lost mine on Friday and asked for a replacement then, I don’t even have an email response from Steinberg. After more than a decade of using Cubase I am seriously considering switching. Which will be very painful, but not having a working dongle is even more painful.

You gave them one work day to act. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t message you back immediately.

If you did everything listed here correctly, you should hear back very soon: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206532304-Steinberg-Zero-Downtime

Steinberg is not going to replace the USB eLicenser. But you can purchase another one any time you want. After you receive the new USB eLicenser then you can go through the Zero Downtime procedure and Steinberg will activate your license on the new dongle and cancel it on the lost one.



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