Cubase for Linux

Dear Steinberg,

I would like to build a machine only for music, Windows is not an option for this purpose due to so much things going on in the background in this OS and in general, forced updates and other issues, Mac is expensive, the only option to build the most efficient workstation is Linux as it is the only fully customisable OS!

Could you please be so kind and deliver to us Cubase for Linux?

There is an option to switch to Bitwig which runs on Linux and Reaper has already experimental version for Linux!
But as I, and many others (who I am sure would also love to use Cubase on Linux) got to use Cubase and think it is the greatest DAW ever created so we would love to have the opportunity to be able to use Cubase on Linux as well.

And to anybody who is reading this post - if you would love to have Cubase on workstation build specifically for music, fully customisable, free from bloatware, than please feel free to join this request!

That something I would like to see. Chromebooks and android is growing fast now. Fore sure there is a market for them, if yamaha/steinberg want their part of the future market the will need to grab it while they can. The only major business in pro audio that has get in to linux is waves. But they also has knowledge of benefits to be early on markets. But I dont think it will happen until we all has switched to Bitwig or reaper. And then it is all ready too late. (and well, chromebook and android is not free from bloatware)

If make to work on linux will be great.

I moved to linux for security reason and now I will find a good DAW with advanced midi tool to work on linux

I will try in virtual machine but windows 7 not supported with last version of cubase and windows 10 use moreee resources and need to be updates.

Best Regards,

I’ve been asking for Cubase for Linux for over 6 years now. Please contribute in that thread!
It’s only 14 pages long, with currently 344 posts and 144414 views :slight_smile:

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I think the topic is more relevant than ever when Apple move to Arm. And that might take a big part of development resources, and that is making it even less likelier for Steinberg to have a go on Linux.

Yeah, it’s a no go. Not all people can afford Apple products though. What do GNU/Linux users use anyway?

Literally anything with a (clock) pulse :sunglasses:

Can we stick to the main Cubase for Linux topic please?
Please contribute in that thread instead of starting a new one with the same subject!

I notice my original “Cubase for Linux” topic with 344 posts seems to have mysteriously gotten lost in the move to the new forum :scream:


Oh well, best get to work … one down, only 343 more posts to go …
(Now, if this were Linux, I could knock that out with a just few lines of shell script …)

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There are also a lot of things going on in the background of Linux OSs. Not a good enough argument.

Yeah, I agree – Windows NT is a reasonable kernel, as is Mach/BSD and Linux.

Linux file system is faster than the others (especially if you stick with ext4) which matters for things like “scan through all the WAV files in my Native Komplete library to show them in the media browser” which actually is a limiting factor at times… (even with high-end hardware)

If you can run on macOS, and on Windows, it’s feasible to port to Linux. It’s not free, of course, and Linux often isn’t seen as a high-value target, at least for general software – hard-licensed systems like $50,000 CAD packages, is another thing entirely. But I don’t think Steinberg can turn music production into that kind of business, no matter how much they might want to :slight_smile:

porting Cubase to Linux – what is in it for Yamaha/Steinberg? All the work involved in porting and supporting it on Linux – they sure as hell aren’t going to be selling a ton more copies of Cubase?

But if they add new features or more content to Cubase – they will sell lots more copies of Cubase.

Well. When people and business move you need to be in place. Even microsoft is moving, if you need to sell your stuff in the future you need to where your customers are. And it will be linux. However im not sure if it will be in form of Android/google or more open system like Fedora/Redhat, Suse, ubuntu etc. But in the end it is usually best price/performance that is used. That’s the way Microsoft won the 80’s, there was a lot of better alternatives but they cost. To day linux is dominating embedded electronics. Most of the cloud is linux.
Sharing code with your cloud components will be a needed in future business.

I would absolutely LOVE to have Cubase on Linux. It is the ONLY reason I have a windows computer. But I have to agree with you - there’s nothing in it for Steinberg. I guess we Linux lovers can keep wishing though.

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FWIW, Maschine runs on Linux now (because that powers the Maschine Plus hardware.)
Of course, you have to run it on THEIR hardware, but it’s a little step forward.

cubase for linux that would have been too good. I am on windows only because of that! Unfortunately yamaha / steinberg have neither interest nor skills to make a linux edition

I’m sure Steinberg have the skills… just not the desire for all that work to make such a small subset of people happy

I love Cubase but I absolutely hate Windows 10 (and I also hate apple). I’m finally to the point where I’m considering abandoning all the money I’ve put into Cubase and VST libraries to run one of the DAWs that run on Linux. So bummed.

If you ask the what is the OS market share for MS office users it might be true.
But what are your source of information?

Unfortunately they still separate different Linux dists. Android, Chrome-os and “Linux” are all linux. In device shipment from 2015 Android shipment is more than twice sum of Microsoft and Apple units. And most PC that is used with linux are shipped with Microsoft OS. The only market where the microsoft dominance to total is gaming. (For some reason Sony PS does not count, but it is BSD Unix)

It is an incredible effort for a company to maintain different version of software for different OS.
Look at how Apple screws up the compatibility each time they release a new version of their OS.

Now think adding a new completely different kernel to the list.
All the extra work to differentiate the code, to adapt it to the audio infrastructure, to create specific regions of code to support the various OS.
Imagine how much complexity this introduces and work to test on all the platforms.
If a feature is easy to implement on Windows it is not said it is equally easy to do on Linux (or viceversa) making it more time consuming to be done on all platforms or maybe be entirely cut cause too complex.
And add the licensing support, all the installers, all the plugins and maybe proprietary super secret code that would be a licensing violation to keep private…

I mean if there was a switch to tell “Compile also for Linux” I think SB pl would have done this long time ago, but re-writing half of a decade old code… to sell a fraction of the copies on a new platform I kinda understand why there is no Linux version.

The kernel is not a big issue. The major part is GUI. It is for sure a big effort to have multiple platform support. But is also good for the general quality. You need to design the software for it, and different system will trigger different bugs differently so you can find the bugs that are rare too. And good design is important to not get too far behind. Even Microsoft have given up and now making devices with “cancer” aka Linux in the form of Android phones. When driving do not look in the rearview mirror, look forward.