Cubase for Live Performance - SHOW/SETLIST PAGE

  1. Need a LIVE PERFORMER page where the patches also changes along with the arranger track or song setlist
  2. Cubase Remote app needs to be present to facilitate the above live performance aspect (Good to Have feature)

Im a long time Cubase user and currently i cant take Cubase to the live performance because of its limitations. Now Studio One got a SHOW Page which does the live performance function and its tempting and i would like to see a similar feature in my favorite daw Cubase.

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Interesting but Cubase is really a studio application not a live application. I would prefer more effort put in that direction. There is other software purposefully built for what you want.

Exactly, I wouldn’t want to use a DAW for live performance, it’s for recording music, not playing it live. If you’re on PC, I heartily recommend Cantabile (I’m not in anyway affiliated, BTW), I’ve been using it live for playing VSTs and running media files etc for many years and it’s never let me down once.


Cantabile is still having very limited features making it tough in PC environment. Mainstage is exclusive for Mac. So, being a PC user, if my daw is having some live arranging features it’s very good. Cubase already gives support for arranger tracks. The live performance part can be like an extension of it. For example: along with switching of sections in the arranger tracks, the associated patches or vsts also changes. That’s were Studio One 5.3 in their latest version shines with their new Show Page feature I believe. In that way, I can use the same arranger track sections, chord track, tempo track etc during the performance as well.

Having said that I totally applaud Cubase’s studio oriented new feature additions such as Spectralayer One and other workflow improvements.


Cantabile is far from limited, it’s more capable than Mainstage and falls over far less… I’ve used both pretty extensively and while Cantabile might not look at as pretty as mainstage it’s been rock solid and more than covers everything I could want from a live VST host… If you’re doing live arranging of clips, loops, samples etc then yes maybe Ableton would be more what you need…


That’s interesting. May be I’ll try to spend more time on the Cantabile to get the mac out of it. I’m not a Ableton user and I won’t using much of the clip lauch features mostly. I mostly want it as a good and easy patch change wrt vst instruments, my hardware synths and my guitar vst amp rack change during live. Since in the cubase as part of the sequencing, I already have the arranger track sections and chord tracks and tempo track. So if I can resuse those global tracks along with the Minus track sequencing with some automatic/on-demand patch change of soft/hard synths along with the virtual amp rack and vocoders , I’m super happy.
I’m pushing this because, Studio one recently included this feature and it’s so cool when we see they are using their daw as an extended live performer.

If you just want a backing track to play with automated patch changes for your guitar, vsts and hardware synths, that can absolutely be done with Cantabile… The tracks can be either audio or MIDI (or both in sync…) You will need the full ‘Performer’ version to get access to all the features, but there’s a great forum at: to ask any questions you need.

Sorry to everyone else, this has become a Cantabile thread, not a Cubase one…


No need for sorry. All very interesting to know :blush:

Yea, no need of sorry :slight_smile: But I really want this thread to not become a cantabile thread though.
It will be great if cubase adds this live performance feature in their upcoming updates(studio one 5.3 show-page being a strong contender), mainly for the benefit of someone like me who is a budget arranger-producer-performer who want to get the job done with minimal software purchases :wink:
So I humbly request it will be great if you can upvote this feature topic thread, in that way atleast we can use our favourite cubase daw with inherited chord/arranger/tempo tracks for live performance instead of a third party app purchase just for a live performance…
I hope the cubase design managers are listening to this request :slight_smile:

I also would love to have those live performance tool integrated in cubase.

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