Cubase Hardware Controller

I have been a long time cubase user, but the last year I have worked on a pro tools rig with a Digidesign 003. I really enjoy to work with real faders and wondered if there was something similar for cubase? I have seen the CMC series, but i feel that is not quite what im after, since all i really need is 8-16 faders with some other basics in front of me. The Nuage looks interesting, but I have not seen it for sale yet, and i imagine it cost quite a bit…

Lots of options:

Behringer BCF 2000
Icon QCon
Mackie Control Universal

etc etc…

Great, any recommendations for around $1000-1500?

around this price I will say Mackie Control or the Avid Artist Mix series


And I would prefer Mackie over Avid. Why?

  1. It’s expandable
  2. It’s “industry standard”

Avid are also expandable (5 mix or others can be chained)

When you say “hardware”, have you considered an Ipad with appropriate software? I’m using an Ipad with Lemur and have designed my own layout and it’s by far the best controller I’ve ever used (and I’ve had just about every controller aside from the Eucon series). Not only does it control Cubase but acts as a midi keybaord controller and controls my entire studio monitoring via RME Totalmix, all on one screen.

Any advice for a harware jug wheel that interface with Cubase?

Contour ShuttleXpress?

and if you have problems setting it up

I made a post with some screenshots and video link to my Lemur/Cubase/RME Totalmix setup. IMO, the best controller I’ve ever used…

I wouldn’t call Lemur as a “hardware controller” even in my wildest dreams.

Hence my first post…