Cubase has stopped working error (closing when empty)

A lot of times when I shut Cubase 6/64bit if it does not have a project open I will get an error message after closure saying Cubase has stopped working. This message comes up as second time after closing first message. I cannot pinpoint why this is happening and eradicated any possible causes. Anyone else? (64bit)

Cubase 5.5.2/64 does not do this.

Sounds similar to this…?

I don’t think its the same thing. Its not hanging. Cubase closes just fine but the error message appears after cubase has shut. I never get the error if I close cubase with a live project.

It only happens if Cubase does not contain a project. Its not inconvenient, just a bit weird.

So, I disabled Windows Error reporting in services and as expected I no longer get the error message when I close an empty Cubase. There does not seem to be any adverse effects to the error message but something was obviously causing it. Very strange.

Hello ckon,

Do you also have this problem when you use an other ASIO driver like the Generic Low Latency Driver in Cubase ?



yes, just tried it

I will just keep Windows error reporting off for now, bit of a tricky one to track down, there are no plugins involved at all and all external connections related software have been put out of the equation.

I get the same thing. Crashes every time if nothing open & not always if closing with a project loaded.

There was some early reports of Alphatrack & Cubase causing this problem…but with the other closedown issues I assumed there may be a connection or it could be general issues with 3rd party hardware drivers.