Cubase' hotkeys, macros and tips with gif examples - external link

My friend have made a big article with gif examples about most used hotkeys in Cubase. Please share your thoughts about what should be added.


Also I would like to know what does this keys do and where to use them? Can’t figure this out. Tried everywhere - doesn’t work:
Alt-E - Expand/Reduce
Alt+A - Activate/Deactivate
Alt+F - invert
Shift + Q - auto grid
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up - Primary Parameter: Decrease/ Increase
Shift-F4 - Inline: Key Commands


That’s a nice thing your friend is doing!

Alt E

Expands/Reduces the racks in the mixconsole for example. Generally Expands/Reduces whatever has focus, but navigating focus exactly to where I want with the keyboard to test it out is a pain.

Alt A

Multifunctional key. Activates/Deactivates whatever can be activated/deactivated when it’s focused. Works on headers (Inserts, Sends, EQ, Strip) to bypass them. Works on specific controls that have focus, e.g. an equalizer band. I suspect there are a million other places where this works, but again getting keyboard focus where I want to test it out is tough.

Alt F

“Edit > Select > Invert is the function. A key command is assigned to ““Invert”” (Alt F). This however does nothing. On the other hand, when (Alt F) is assigned to ““Invert Selection””, the keycommand will happily show next to Edit > Select > Invert”

Shift Q

In Sample Editor, under Definition, there exists Auto Adjust. That’s what the key command does.

Ctrl Shift Up/Down

This command raises the volume of the focused channel(s) in 1dB steps. Works in Mixconsole only.

Primary Parameter = Volume. Increase/Decrease = 1dB steps. Fine Increase/Decrease = 0.1dB steps.
Secondary Parameter = Pan. Increase/Decrease = steps of 10. Fine Increase/Decrease = steps of 1.

Shift F4

Not present in 10.5. I don’t know what all these commands in “Commands>Window” category do.

Have a peek here, hopefully it will be of some use:

Thanks a lot for this! I know you dd a huge job! I think all of your work should be included into the manual!

As for Shift+F4 as well as Shift+F2 - I think it’s some legacy. Shift+F2 works in C9, and doesn’t in C10. Maybe Shift+F4 was dropped earlier.

I must have missed the link or tutorial addressing tab/zone focus issues. Can you provide one please?

I dipped my toe in AHK just a tiny bit, and holy molly! The only thing I have semi-successfully done is make 3 hotkeys to swap Key Command presets on the fly.

I also tried to make some mixconsole scripts in that you type the number of the channel you want to scroll to, (e.g. type “14” and it scrolls to channel number 14.) but then I wanted to be able to add Inserts and more, more, more. Keeping it tidy and remembering exactly WTF I’m doing… it’s tough for me. At some point I end up tangled in a convoluted mess that gives me an itch to delete everything and start over.

It (AHK) is very inspiring though, as the implementation of my ideas are always juuuust some lines of code away, but… I’m not good at programming/coding. I’m wrecking my brain and have very little to show at the end of it. Let alone the faults in my logic, and stuff that I didn’t account for wreaking havoc everywhere! :laughing:

Maybe at some point I will be able to dip my ankle in too. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I will search for your scripts then! Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I have never used AHK, but selecting a zone, (KC’s do exist exist) then selecting a particular tab within that zone, (no KC’s exist) would be very helpful and speed workflow.

Can I have a listen some of you mixes?