Cubase iC Pro 1.2.3 and Remote SKI 1.1 available (on sale until Jan 9, 2023 - ended)

Dear all,

We are glad to announce the immediate release of Cubase iC Pro 1.2.3 and Remote SKI 1.1.

Cubase iC Pro has been updated to support iOS16/iPadOS 16 and Mac computers with Apple silicon, alongside resolving several user-reported issues.

To learn more about Cubase iC Pro, please check out this YouTube review.

Download Cubase iC Pro on the App Store

Important Note
The Steinberg SKI Remote, which has been updated to V1.1 must be installed before using Cubase iC Pro and can be downloaded at Steinberg SKI Remote | Steinberg.

Cubase iC Pro joins Steinberg’s Holiday Season Sale, which allows you to save 40% on Cubase iC Pro from Dec 25, 2022 to Jan 9, 2023.

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Enjoy being creative
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Cubase iC Pro 1.2.3 - Version History.pdf (332.0 KB)

What’s New in Cubase iC Pro

  • iOS16/iPadOS 16 support
  • Mac computer with Apple silicon support
  • Manually entering the IP of the computer now works as expected.
  • Resolving several problems, which can render Cubase iC Pro unreliable.
  • Resolving a problem where the user interface of Cubase iC Pro is displayed incorrectly.
  • Channel colors in the mixer are displayed correctly.
  • Minor improvements in various areas of the application.

Nice! Things seem to be working well so far.
Thanks for the update.


Finally!!!Thanks,now,please, improve your app.

Thanks for the update!


me happy!

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Looking forward to trying this out and updating my iPad

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Thanks for your positive feedback everyone!

Enjoy making music
& best wishes,

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Is it working the SKI remote dmg installer?. I double click and does nothing.

Those are very good news, Lars, thank you.

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worked on my Mac Studio (Monterey) as well as on my MacBook Pro M1 (Ventura)

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Then not in my MacBook Pro (2016, Intel) with Monterey (12.6.1)

Hi @quark,

Is it working the SKI remote dmg installer?. I double click and does nothing.

Once you’v double clicked the dmg installer it should be mounted on the desktop of your Mac. It should look like the attached image. Simply double click on the mounted dmg to find the Remote SKI 1.1 installer.


Mounted DMG

Hi all,

Thanks for all your positive feedback so far!

If you enjoy using the new iC Pro update, it would be of great help for us if you could rate the app in the App Store!

Thanks in advance
& stay safe


just gave it the five * it deserves

cheers Tom


Bingo…so pleased its back. All working here as tested on a session this evening. Thank you, M

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Thank you Lars.
I was waiting the usual behavior of an opened finder window, but this is not the case and the mounted installer was behind some other application windows. I did not see it.
I feel stupid right now :laughing:

Done. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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I can’t believe my eyes. Thank you for the bandaid (seriously, not being sarcastic), but now could we expect any further improvements and feature udpates for the app?

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Dear Steinberg team, I would gladly give you 5 stars, but after at least 6 years without knowing about IC Pro I think that it is not the time yet, unless you see an interest in improving this application, remember that at Today there is a free alternative that does the IC and more.

I do not want my words to be misinterpreted, I have tried the update and at least it works, but I feel it is forced, simply because they need to update to the apple operating system…

cheer up and keep it up.
You ask for 5 stars, we have been a 5 (and more) star app for a long time, let us take our time too.

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