cubase IC Pro computer not found


I just get a new iPad Pro with ios 10.3.1 installed and I can’t connect it to the PC.
I get a mini Ipad that I can connect so I’m guessing that everything is OK with the PC and Cubase 8 set up.
On the Ipad mini the PC shows up but with the Ipad Pro it doesn’t, nothing appear inside the “Select your computer” windows. Then I tried to install it on my mobile and I get the same issue than on the Ipad Pro(Iphone with ios 9.2.1.
I tried to enter manually the IP but it can’t connect neither.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Please see here:


Hi Lars,

Thanks for your quick answer and the link but what about the iphone problem running ios 9.2.1?



We are not aware of issues when using earlier iOS versions such as 9.2.1.
Also other users have confirmed, that Cubase iC Pro works as expected here.


Very nice, thanks!

Dear all,

On July 20, 2017, Apple released the latest iOS update version 10.3.3 and we are pleased to announce that this resolves former connectivity issues between Cubase iC Pro and supported Steinberg DAWs.

Please follow this link to learn more: