Cubase IC Pro iOS 16 missing panners


Tempted by the price and update I bought and installed IC Pro iOS. I use Win 10 and Cubase Pro 12.0.70. My projects are audio only, no midi etc. I have an iPad 8, iOS 16.6.

I have just tried ICP once briefly, but from what I can see, I get no pan options on mono channels (the pan fields are just black), only on stereo channels.

Is this a known bug? Is there a setting somewhere that will restore the panners to mono channels?

I attach a screen shot where you can clearly see that only the stereo OH channel has a panner, but none of the mono channels (BD, SN, Guitar - the other ones, bass etc are routed to group channels, thus lack panners even in Cubase).

I want to try using ICP to improve my workflow, not to get frustrated, so any help would be appreciated.



Please post a picture of the same channels in the Cubase mixer.
Normally a panner should be visible if the channel is routed to a stereo bus. If it is routed to a mono or multi-channel bus then there’s no panner in iC Pro.


Hi Arne,

Thanks for replying. I attach a picture so you can see that it is indeed as I say, that my mono channels are missing their panners.



Indeed, looks like a bug to me.

Thanks for confirming. Also, I had problems connecting to ICP. I had to restart my pc for it to work.

Anyhow, it’s no biggie. ICP was quite affordable, and I was mostly interested in trying it out, to see what it could offer. Right now, I am kind of leaning towards sticking with my mouse and keyboard workflow. It always works, and that is a big big time saver.

All the best, and thanks for replying,


it’s a known issue - and it’s been like this forever.

IC pro really isn’t fit for purpose in my opinion - much better to use the FREE Avid Control app.

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Thanks for letting me know, that is worrying.