Cubase IC Pro ipad remote app in 10.5 Pro

Hi All,
I was sure my search would find this as an existing topic but “IC Pro” or just “IC” returns nothing in forum for Cubase 10 Pro.

My issue is that the Cubase help/manual
& other tutorials on the net show how to setup Cubase IC Pro on older versions of Cubase directing me as follows:

“Go to the ‘Devices’ menu and select ‘Device Setup…’. This will bring up the ‘Device Setup’ window.
In the Device Setup window, click on ‘+’ to add a new device.”

BUT there is no device menu in 10.5 Pro. The only device options I can find within the menus are in Studio, Studio Devices & under Remote setup but these are MIDI connected devices and not Wi-Fi connected devices.

I have looked through all menus and found nothing.
I have installed the SKI Remote patch for windows 64 bit & also installed the Apple Bonjour service (it’s running in task manager) and restarted my PC & Cubase but no luck.

Can any users who’ve setup IC Pro app please help?
Thanks a lot in advance.

This might help you.

Thank you so much for your help & you replied so quickly too! It’s up & running in no time!
It’s really appreciated whilst I’m trying to set everything up and running into problems at every step but forging on :slight_smile:

can I suggest

Thanks a lot, that link looks interesting so I will download the app shortly :+1: