Cubase IC Pro on iOS 15 Broken

The latest version of Cubase IC Pro does not work on iOS 15 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. It moves to the background when attempting to input the Cubase host IP address.

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Same thing on my ipad ios15 and Cubase Pro 11.0.20…

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Thank for reporting! I can confirm this and will forward the issue.

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Yes, for me (11.0.40 & IOS15.0.1) the connection and the commands work, but when I try to write with the Ipad-keyboard create a Page, the app crashes. I also had this with the old IOS version until I discovered to use only the English keyboard (not the German one) and to delete the Emoijs keyboard.

Could you try this with iOS 15.0.1 again? We have made some tests with that version and it appears to be working fine here.

This issue does seem to be resolved with iOS 15.0.1. Thanks!

Il does work fine for me too, Cubase 11.0.40 iPadOS 15.0.1

There is no change for me. As I said, the app itself works, but it still crashes when I try to use the keyboard and create a shortcut page (search and rename).
IPadOS 15.0.2

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Same here. Just updated to iOS 15.0.2 and it crashes whenever I try to input the IP address os Cubase Elements 11

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Cubase IC Pro crash for me when I try saving presets. I have the latest iOS update on my iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro.
If I use an old iPad with old iOS it works fine. Maybe it’s time that Steinberg to update the Cubase IC Pro. It’s 4 years since last update :thinking:


Yes, Cubase… Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee update this so it stops crashing as soon as I type.

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Just to further update my dying pleas to Steinberg to fix this app… I updated my iPad to the iOS 15.2 beta and it’s still broken. Not sure what the app testers earlier in thread were talking about on an update to 15.0.1 but it’s broke broke broke.

I have reverted to my super slow iPad 3 on iOS 9 and it works like a very slow charm. Sadness.

Same procedure with IpadOS 15.1 As soon as you touch the keyboard for input, the app crashes.

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Same problem here. IpadOS 15.1 As soon as you touch the keyboard for input, the app crashes.
Some keycommands lost too after adding them…

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Crashes for me also when trying to enter IP address.

Broken on iOS 15.1.1 (19B81) and iPadOS 15.1 (19B74)

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Based on all the comments here, should i NOT buy an ipad just to control Cubase? I was going to today, but this has stopped me in my tracks. I’m Currently running a dual screen setup on Windows 10 and I want to lose the third screen (and extra mouse and keyboard) which is in my vocal booth.

IC looks like a solution, but if it won’t work, and not had an update in 4 years, that’s a risk right?

No. Don’t do that. App has been out of development for almost half a decade…

I’m running fine now on iOS 15.1 after I fixed my connection problem.


When you say “running fine” does that mean you can use the keyboard without crashing?

Your linked post implies that maybe you’re just saying you don’t need the keyboard anymore because network discovery elides the requirement to enter an IP address for you. That isn’t really a solution for everyone. It’s, at best, a weak work-around.

In my case, the app has crashes if I try to put the IP address of my Cubase MacPro macOS 15.1 computer.



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