Cubase ic pro wishlist

hi there,
did not found any wishlist for the ic pro app… so here are my wishes:

  1. arranger view, like in cubase ic
  2. FCA Faders

please share yours, too


A large transport control window. Basically one screen with all the transport controls so that you can have it on your phone. Big play record etc.

When in key commands view, we have the option to show the transport controls.
My suggestion is to add a cursor time display on the left, at the same bar.

+1 for adding arranger view to cubase ic pro, but it should also add the option to control a current arranger chain.

more sensivity for control volume meters ,view full size mixer, groove agent/halion 5 /sonic control integration, and other vst like control eq/filter and others and more knobs,
p.s. sorry for my bad english

  1. Ability to have a full screen of faders - ie both top and bottom windows on an iPad, 32 faders set at medium zoom.
  2. a page that functions like the CC121 controller- 1 channel at a time- with a jog wheel and eq,make the eq graphical touch like the one in the Cubase mixer can be.

Surround panner like Neyrinck Pro has for ProTools.

+1 for control eq/filter… :exclamation:
would be nice to control dynamics and vst’s as well

a) Win10 version that can be run as multiple instances on one or more touchscreens.

b) Add in some RD features, like blocks of channels.

c) Include them in a workspace, and they could be a complete replacement for MixConsoles, and finally give us multi-touch Cubase.

On smart-phones (5" screen or smaller):
-Ability to display a bank of fader in vertical view. Actually, on my Galaxy Notes 2 and 4, CICPro can only displayed on horizontal mode so on mixer view, it displayed some tracks but shorter than if it is displayed vertically. Precision could be better in this display mode.

On tablets (10" screen):
-Ability to display the mixer view on the totality of the screen to have the same precision as described upper.

Both types of devices:
-Ability of arrangement view to control the position of the cursor while Cubase is playing, not only while Cubase is paused. It could be a perfect scrolling/scrubing/positioning function.

-Ability to display plugins control panel. Not necessarily with the same GUI as the original, but, why not, with a generic one.

-Ability to tweak our own control panels for each of our VSTi/fx. :wink: A sort of Lémur inside ;op

-Integration of “e” mode of a track (I don’t know English name of its screen mode on Cubase that display all like Insert/Channel Strip/EQ/Sends/Fader/etc…)

-Ability to replace text on each button of the Key Commands mode by icons.

-Ability to have audio Master bus return.

-Adding Punch In/Out button on the transport bar.

PS: Sorry for my bad English. Hope you’ll understand all my post. :-/

  1. Would love to be able to configure stuff without being connected to cubase.

  2. New view (ipad) Two rows of faders.

  3. New view (ipad): One row with faders double hight.

A properly supported Android version!

Windows 10 version.

It’s a shame the Android version was ditched. Steinberg should work on its priorities and try not to look like a company that just creates product after product that it abandons.

Since the biggest mobile OS apparently wasn’t enough perhaps the biggest desktop OS could be a convincing argument. So, develop for Windows then.

Not only that, but consider this: With the new Windows 10 the argument is that it should be easier to port over to the desktop environment, meaning very little (if at all) programming to make the mobile version work on a desktop touchscreen.

So, WINDOWS 10 please.


Requested from day one, but so far nothing.

How hard can it be for a software specialist?

any news about update cubase icpro???

yeah its been dead here for … years.

But I use iCPro daily and wouldn’t want to work without it, so the silence makes me uncomfortable. However every other major DAW ( PT, Logic, Cakewalk etc ) have comparable iOS remote apps so I hope SB doesn’t think its will ‘lead the way’ by not having one! :wink:

There’s much could be made of this tool … wish someone from SB would chime in and let us know they are even watching!

One of the main ueses of IC Pro (as advertised by Steinberg) is letting the performers balance their own monitor mixes. Unfortunately it’s useless for this! Two things are required:

An Administrator/guest setting. There is no way I am prepared to give the performers access to the transport controls!

Monitor pre-mix busses (in Cubase). To ask the performer to balance hundreds of channels is out of the question. He/she should concentrate on singing/playing the instrument. 8-10 channels (faders), tops. More is just too distracting!

Another useful feature would be some kind of “teleprompter” feature, tied in with Cubase’s Score Editor. This could be used to display text sheets, lead sheets, scores, etc.


For a person controlling their own recordings, iC Pro, as is, or was for the Android version, is pretty good. But for a production music environment, where the devices are either provided by the studio, or BYOD by the performers, a more controlled and resilient arrangement, incorporating some of your types of suggestions, is required.

To take your ideas a step further:

a. Specify named iC Pro layouts in Cubase, rather like MixConsoles, that include particular source channels, a studio send, and controls.
Prior to iC Pro, and to which we will have to go back to, due to the abandonment of the Android version, I set up a touchscreen in the studio with a MixConsole of a set of submix groups and a master, fed by pre-sends from main submixes, and feeding a studio send. The screen was mirrored to one on the control desk (only mouse use - no touch of course).

b. iC Pro registers with Cubase, which assigns it a unique ID for the session, visible in iC Pro and Cubase.

c. You assign a named iC Pro layout to a particular iC Pro ID.

Voila! Ready for the session.

Of course, all this supposes that SB is actually interested and competent to do this.

As I have suggested on another thread, iC Pro seems to be one of those ‘programmer knocks up an idea’ projects, to which management remained basically uncommitted. SB gave only enough resources to get it out, but totally failed to integrate it into a properly designed workflow, as evidenced by the later Android version being based around a paid-for base licence, rather than the per device paid licence of the iOS version, the latter really being unsuitable for performer BYOD purposes.

I have written several times that MixConsoles should be named containers of a custom configuration of display blocks (like banks of faders, studio sends, transport controls, or jog control, in both mouse and touch versions), and that these would then be placed as part of a Workspace. In that paradigm, an iC Pro app would just be a remote implementation of a particular MixConsole, but still being part of a Workspace. However, that would require an interest on SBs part to actually be committed to making a studio system, rather than just a program.

I agree, Bars and Beats would be a very very nice feature. I would also like to see the actual recorded tracks as I record, and not have to wait to see if I actually hit the Record button.

However…I am very grateful to have the option to remote control my DAW! Thank you for creating this so many years ago. :smiley: