Cubase Icons

Hi, does anyone know where all the icons are saved?
Example: Solo, mute, play, stop
I can’t find them, need it for a controller.
Thanks peeps

you may need to put info in y0our profile signature line so we can tell what system you are on

Oh yes please! Would be awesome instead of wasting time snipping them with the windows tool and ending up with blurry 25x25 icons. :cry:

Oh sorry, i use Windows 10. Best would be 72x72 pixels

Sorry - thought it might be as simple as searching and finding .ico files if you had windows… as you probably found or more case in point did not find. That is not how they are for programs. Appears icons may be stored in windows sometimes in HTML code, sometimes in programs “data stores” to get icons for windows programs requires using GUI development program code to “fetch” icons for the related “entities” (isnt that special) this found at and they have the “C” code posted in their SDK, but I am taking a wild ass guess, that is not what you are after for your needs. Not something Steinberg is going to release.

Maybe you can find some icons online to download and use. Or similarly posted for what ever you are needing them for.

It’s a little more complicated than dropping files in a folder:

Sorry, read over your post too quickly - you’re going the other direction.

Thanks for the tips.
I need it for the elgato stream deck. I’ve tried to screenshot the buttons in cubase and edit it in photoshop, but the scale are horrible and don’t look good on the stream deck buttons.
So my idea was to take the icons from the folder but I don’t find all the cubase icons. Searched hours on my pc without a result :frowning:

I tried to find the icons too when I developed the Stream Deck Cubase plugin, but ended up creating my own icons. My guess is that they are stored in the skin.srf file but I haven’t a clue how to interpret the format of that file.

Do you got great icons that you may share with us ?

The icons for my plugin are available here:

Wow! I’m going to have to look into getting a Stream Deck. That’s some nice work you did there.

Just got a streamdeck today and started setting up shortucts manually then discovered your plugin! ace stuff, working great so far!