Cubase instability problems

I’m finding Cubase 11 Pro (I’m now on 11.10) to be very unreliable and frequently just shuts down…I have lost a few important projects through this…

It hangs on exit and when I do open to start a new project I get the fault screen this is usually nearly every other use of it… it has some nice features but I find reliability is very important…Cubase is just getting worse and worse…like a top heavy ship it has lots of bells and whistles but it’s unable to support itself… love the program but it’s starting to become a reliability…


OS? Audio-hardware?

Windows 10
i7 processor, 16gb ram,
Behringer Wing.

You connect with USB? Maybe your USB connection is getting worse… broken cable…

Windows 10
i7 processor, 16gb ram,
Behringer Wing.

I replaced it, first thing I did…I was hoping the update would make it more stable bt unfortunately not…
it crashes about two in every three uses, either by just freezing or just shutting down (more common).When I boot it back up (usually have to restart the computer) it says there’s a newer version of my project as it saved 'name’01 however then it says file corrupted rename the file - this has never worked as cubase then doesn’t recognise the name. :frowning:
Iv used Cubase since Pro24 on an Atari and its just getting more and more unstable.

When you restart after a crash, where does it say the problem is? (It shows this at the top of the panel you get when you restart).

I’m back in the studio tonight, when it crashes I will take a look and let you know. :+1:

My experience has been quite the opposite. Cubase has been becoming more stable for me over the last few versions. Currently running Cubase 11.0.10 on Win10 20H2.

Almost all of my crashes have been caused by plugins.

And the remaining one’s likely by a corrupted Cubase preferences file.


I wish that was the case…many of my pro colleagues are suffering from instability :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Nico5,

On a side-note:
what many pro users tend to forget (no pun) is that any heavily used modern PC can have problems with its thermic management. Any complex software would crash if the CPU, the chipset’s ICs and / or one - or even all - of the RAM modules overheat. So in cases of instability, I would of course first check the OS itself, all the OS libraries necessary to run Cubase, also all drivers and hard disk integrity, but also if a vacuum cleaner session might apply (PC fans and power supply fans do have a strong tendency to attract lots of dust over the years by the electro-static effect). Also CPU heat pads / paste can dry out within only a few years, which can end up on the verge of constant over heating .

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Hi @Markus_Leuthel

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment - and add to that:

Especially when running a computer to use overwhelmingly just one single piece of software like a DAW, it can become difficult to intuitively discern which part of the hardware / operating system / hardware drivers / DAW / plugins is causing problems.

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Hi Nico5,

very well put.
This is an importent aspect, since compartmentalization is an essential part of productive / processual thinking in a studio, and in terms of contemporary AV software and highly complex software interfaces the immersion effect can be considerable. Which is, of course, desirable.

(Perhaps I was just lucky when, many years ago, I 'd taken various side jobs as an IT tech supporter - from carrying cables to de-dusting and refurbishing older gen. PCs up to complete cleansing of laser printers, also network management, license management for SIEMENS business telephony systems, etc. Nowadays, some of the experiences made during such jobs seem to really come in handy. However, also all those who run powerful modern gaming rigs might’ve come to very similar conclusions.)

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Hi Andy,

Please send me a crash log, a system report (for the GPU details) and your plug-in report (from the plug-in manager) in a PM and we will have a look at it. In many cases the instability is caused by plug-ins or combination of plug-ins.


I have to same thing to where, it hangs for a moment, shuts down the computer (but doesn’t reboot) then has me re-login again. I’m using an 18 Core iMac Pro, and an Apollo UAD system (Quad, and Octo in series). The CPU load, as well as the disk load are low, and the UAD load is low as well. I don’t understand it.

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Ive been having these issues as well, and two things always happen.
The safe mode/preferences screen has nothing about the crash. The top left hand side is just blank. I have had crashes that do tell me about the crash log, but i only seem to the these if i get an error screen before CB closes. Vary rare that i see this, the most crashes are just CB has closed down and i see the desktop,
The other thing is CB reports it can’t find my audio system (Focusrite) and forces me to use a generic low latency driver. Once CB is running i have no issue changing to the correct driver. There is nothing wrong with my USB driver, and the process meter is never even half way.

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@Raynaldo_WCTH @Davebass5
Please send me a crash log, a system report (for the GPU details) and your plug-in report (from the plug-in manager) in a PM and we will have a look at it. In many cases the instability is caused by plug-ins or combinations of plug-ins.

Do you know where you find the crash logs?

thanks for the reply, no, Im not sure where to find the crash logs.


Unbelievable! Such a rookie mistake: I needed to update my elicenser, and a new update for the UAD plugins is out as well, so I did both of those, and then spent the next 20 minutes feeling like an idiot. When buddies call me and ask for help, the first thing I say is, " make sure your elicenser is up to date, as well as all of the plugins you’re using. I hope none of them see this post…! Ugh! LOL. Thank you for your helping spirit though!


You are on Windows, right? Here:

C:\Users\ username \Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

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