Cubase is getting on my f***ing nerves..

So I just a few minutes ago I was working on a fun madeon-styled project, looads of fun.
I was as happy as ever, then as usual Cubase decides to f-uck everything up for me and crashes because I wanted to save, crazy huh?..
This is nothing out of the ordinary for me tho, my newly invested 3000$ computer is apprently not enough for 1000kb projects.

So I try opening the backup project that Cubase made, and this s-hit comes up, (watch attachment).
I’m running on Windows 7, 64 bits with 32 gig ram and with Cubase 6.5.4.

Any ideas why Cubase insists on lying to me? Cause I’d know if I was running on the first Cubase version ever made.

Come on now people!

Ha, not seen this before. It looks like you have plenty of computer firepower, BTW.

Q: What kind of plugins are you using? Are they all 64 bit? If you are using older 32 bit versions then stop doing this or download jbridge, it works better than the free Cubase version adapter that comes with Cubase. I suspect this might take care of your crashes.

As to your backup problems, I dunno. However, when folks can’t open their projects it more often than not involves a wrong plugin type so take care of this.

Haha, right?
Very strange problem.

In this project I believe I used, Nexus, some fabfilter plugins, U-he reverb and ManyBass.
I’ve heard about Jbridge, but where do I download it? Didn’t find anything on google either.

Hey. I’m on another post and another Cubase user pointed out that my trial download of C7.0.2 delivered a corrupted file system for my keyboard commands. He said that the file system that I had on my download was from Cubase SX1!! Haha, so here it seems we have something in common.

I have uninstalled my version and will try the newer download available this Wednesday, C7.0.3, to see if this corrupted file system still exists. To you I would suggest a re-install of C6.5.4. Maybe you have the same gremlin I had, the Cubase SX1 gremlin. :smiling_imp:

Google jbridge again or: The price is very reasonable, the best there is.

Um, also, you should circle back with your plugin venders often to see if they have updated any of the plugins you own from 32 bit to 64 bit. Most developers are getting onboard with 64 bit these days.

So Jbridge replaces VST-bridge, or?
14€ wasn’t so bad, I should try the demo first perhaps, to see if it fixes my problem.

I’ll get back to you if my problem still occurs.

I remember having read about this “Cubase 1.x” message before in this forum. I would suggest using forum search, but since it’s utterly useless from within, maybe a Google search might do it.

Yes, JBridge is an alternative to the VST-Bridge.

I downloaded the Jbridge demo and installed it… Apparently something went very wrong, cause after the installation Jbridge caused Cubase to crash on start up…
So I did a system-recovery to a few days earlier and after that every broken project worked again.

I don’t know what to feel really, cause I didn’t get to the bottom of the problem… But as long as it works I guess.

See, told you JBridge would fix everything :laughing: .

Ha, well good for you. :slight_smile: You need to be as creative as the problem demands sometimes.

As good as Jbridge is, I don’t know why Steinberg doesn’t include it. Other DAWs do and they are not as expensive as Cubase, nor as good, IMHO. Eh, but they (other DAWs that include Jbridge) can typically play better with 32 and 64 bit plugins out of the gate.