Cubase is not responding

After the last update, Cubase is not stable. After the session ends, when I try to close the project, Cubase stops working, it does not respond in the
Task Manager :open_mouth:
On small projects, this does not happen.
To complete the process you need to manually close the Cubase task manager


Could you try to make a crash dump file by using Microsoft ProcDump utility, please?

Unfortunately, I do not know how to use this application.


Sorry, me neither (I’m Mac user), but I know, several users already managed it, and they generated a dmp file for me this way.

Same here. If someone could post some instructions on how to use procdump it would be really helpful. Thanks.

when will they finish it? there are a couple of months left before the release of the new version

Cubase process hangs after exit.
Uninstall/full install Cubase, trashed preferences, renamed VST directory, refreshed drivers and updated Windows 7, updated eLicencer etc etc.
Same result.


PS The usage is (from CMD): “procdump64 -ma Cubase10.exe”

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I reported this to Steinberg ELC-1570.

Thanks, Martin!

As I wrote in:

this issue is temporary solved by turning off
General->Use Hub

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