Cubase Keeps Shutting Down- graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005

Recently bought Cubase 11 elements and it keeps crashing whenever I try to record anything or use any plug ins. I get the following message;

''The application has to be shut down because of a serious graphic driver related issue.
If this problem persists please write down the following error code and contact Steinberg Technical Support.

Error code = 0x80070005’’

I have a AMD Radeon R7 Graphics graphics card.


I get this message when I start it up again;

‘’ The application was terminated with an error while executing the following file:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 11\graphics2d.dll’’

I’m new to these types of errors, I’m not at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.11.28 (478 KB)

Hi and welcome,

Reported to Steinberg CAN-32661. Thank you.

I have exactly the same problem and it makes Cubase 11 unusable

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach your *.crash/dmp file(s), please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

I encounter the same problem. Especially when I’m editing with the mouse. The message tells the trouble origins from Cubase 11/graphics2d.dll. I disabled Hi Dpi, but that didn’t work.
I hope there is a solution for this.
I use Cubase 11 Pro. My graphics card is NVidia Geforce GT710.
The latest crashdump file I tried to attach, but the dmp file wasn’t accepted by this program.

I’m glad to see that i am not the only one having this issue… i just contacted steinberg support, i hope they can help me because i have literally no idea how to fix this or where this issue comes from

I have the same problem AMD Radeon RX5700 XT. Happens just playing a project. CUBASE 11 now unu sable. error 0x80-070005 with a message about the graphics issue.(upload:// (247.5 KB)

Hi everyone, a user from the r/cubase reddit community suggested uninstalling the graphics card. All I did was disable it and it worked for me without having to uninstall the drivers. Just going in device manager and disabling my amd driver gives me uninterrupted use of cubase. I don’t even have to restart and then I enable the drivers when I am done. It’s a temporary fix, I haven’t heard from support since my first message. The DAW hasn’t crashed since, I’ve recorded at least 20 projects so far no problem. I suggest going on reddit whenever you have urgent questions. Try disabling the drivers (at your own risk of course). I wish they had a list of graphics cards that actually work with the software so we could just buy those instead.


Thanks for the workaround!

I’ve also had the same issue with my Cubase 11 pro.
And I also couldn’t upload my crash file here.
I have disabled my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and it works fine now.

Hi All,

Another reddit user on r/cubase shared an even better work around. Go on AMD’s website and download the latest drivers for your graphics cards. Install them. After that CUBASE should work without a problem.

I’m getting the same issue on a brand new PC with Cubase 11 Pro. I have an Nvidia GT710 (with brand new up to date drivers) and it seems to crash when you are heavily editing MIDI.

Some things don’t display on the screen, to get show/hide visibility on used instruments you have to keep pressing the button, and then it will crash.

Very frustrating as this is a brand new PC just for audio.

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Doesn’t your graphics card stop working then when you disable the driver? Are you suggesting you switch to onboard graphics? Sorry, just looking to better understand the solution

How do I see an update to this bug report? I’m having massive stability issues on a brand new system because of this same issue with the graphics dll. I’m hoping Steinberg will look into this


What graphic card do you use, please?

My video card is ASUS GEFORCE GT 710 QUAD HDMI, 2GB. It’s not a super powerful one as all i need is dual monitors and it is fanless so it’s quiet


Do you have the latest driver installed, phrase? Or have you tried to uninstall the driver and use the native Windows driver only, please?

Yes, it’s a brand new PC and I only just installed the video card with the latest driver. I tried disabling the driver and using windows and that was worse as my second monitor doesn’t work at all and Cubase constantly stutters, it’s unusable.

I had a nightmare for a few months with this sort of issue. I tried all sorts. for the past few months everything (more or less) has been fine.
A few things ive done.
Used an older (like mid last year) Nvidea driver. This was suggested by Steinberg. It seemed to work for a while, but never really fixed anything. im now ruining the latest on two installs but not getting the issue.
I was running a GTX750Ti, now a GTX780. Not had the issue with the 780 but who knows. i had other issues since getting it which indicated a GPU issue apparently.
Disabled Dropbox from running on my PC. This seemed to help. I did get less crashes.
Re installed. Im not a fan of doing this, but i did it anyway. seemed to make things more stable. Not sure why that worked, and im not suggesting it will for you. At the same time i got a new SSD and put another instance of Windows 10 on it and did a fresh install of CB. so far both are working fine in relation to Graphics2.dll issues.
I also keep Ozone out of the chain until i go to mix. I had more issues with this loaded than without, although as above, its not causing issues at the moment.

The only conclusion i can come to is CB wasnt installed properly, and the GPU drivers tripped it up
Ive not seen this issue with the second install, and both are using the exact same hardware, and software.
Along the way i was told my GPU isnt up to it, but ive used two with the same issues, my PC must have Male ware, to wipe my HDD and start again etc. everything other than maybe CB is at fault.
Im still using the same install of W10, although i keep it up to date, same GPU, and have no issues like I was having before.
Maybe a reinstall of the Cubase.exe will help. Shouldn’t be needed on a new install but these things happen.
Oh, and here’s a strange one. ive found a couple of times that the Yamaha ASIO driver has been corrupted and caused all types of issues, even graphical ones.

Good luck. I got there, im sure you will at some point. Then once its stable you can fight with the bugs lol.

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Thanks for the detailed response. This is a brand new PC (only built 2 weeks ago) so I don’t want to reinstall windows yet as it seems to be fine, and I don’t have many apps like Dropbox on here, its really just Cubase + plugins + audio apps.

The PC is a new 11th-gen i7 (11700K) with Z590 chipset and 64GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 ram so the system should easily handle the Cubase projects I’m running as I could run similar projects on my previous i5 7th-gen with 32GB DDR3 ram, and the audio on this PC runs fine (even when glitching), its just all graphical glitches (mostly MIDI and plugin editing) from that graphics.dll issue above.

I think you’ve given me some things to try though. When I built the PC I used the onboard graphics + a Nvidia GT740 that I had to run dual monitors and that seemed to be ok, although I never stress tested a large Cubase project. I then replaced the GT740 (as it is noisy) with a brand new GT710, and although this is a less powerful card it is fanless and quiet, and just needs to run 2 monitors. This seems to be where the trouble started.

I will try:

  • Using the older Nvidia driver from the GT740 as that appeared to be ok
  • Disabling the onboard graphics (I had this enabled, I’m suspicious this could actually be the issue)
  • Turning off HiDPI support in Cubase as I just noticed that defaults to ‘on’

I will have to rapidly tweak a large project and see if it starts crashing, and thanks for the suggestions.

Thats sort of my point, i didn’t have to reinstall Windows to get it all working, only the one program that was giving me issues, even though my system was being accused of being the reason. to me it stands to reason, if one program keeps crashing, then that program is the issue. we should not have to cripple our systems to get that working, and Steinberg wont readily admit to any faults with their own software, even though they are constantly working on bug fixes.
Lets see. we know your spec is way above mine and will have no issues running CB. You dont have any issues with other programs i assume. There should be no reason to reinstall windows again to make one program work.
I cant actually get my on-board graphics chip enabled unless i have something plugged in to the port, it doesnt come up as an option to use it, but as this was a suggestion to me back then i did use it for a day or so. It doesnt support higher than 1080P so i didn’t want to stick with it, but i also had the same issue, so thats why i ruled the GPU out.
Tired the HiDPI thing and that made no difference at all, other than slow my work flow down.
I always had good and bad days, so sometimes these things looked like they worked, and then didnt.
I knew all my hardware was fine, as everything else ran perfectly, even 4K video editing and some high end games. I know this sis not the same as running CB, but they would certainly put a lto of stress on my system, and show if there were issues with the hardware.

I was happy to admit that maybe something else on my system was interfering, so got the new SSD and only put W10, CB and its associated programs on it, then set up a dual boot. In fact IIR i had to install it twice, as the first seemed messed up and was missing a few things. .The second time around it was all good. Once this was all up and running i decided to mess with the original install. nothing to lose etc. I also noticed that the new install looked slightly different. it seemed to have pre-sets that i hadn’t seen in the original one. So the first thing i did was to re install CB. i didn’t un install it, just used the .exe to over write it. Since then, no graphics issues at all, other than the Spectrlayers one which has been acknowledged by Steinberg. There is a known issue with Nvidia drivers as well, but the issue is not so common.
So for me, the bottom line was i changed nothing on my system, and just reinstalled CB, and ive not had a crash in the graphics system with either system since doing it.
Im still getting other issues with both, but will have to live with them. these are repeatable on both systems, and obviously bugs, so no point trying to get help through a forum, as its not going to be easy.

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