Cubase Keeps Shutting Down- graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005

Is there anyway I can log a support ticket? I am over it… I have literally pissed money up against a wall for versions 11 and 12. This is absolute crap that there is zero support for an application that isn’t exactly cheap.

Hi everyone,
I also had the GeForce GT710 GPU, and I also received same error code (0x80070005’’) and error messages.
I was completely done with it, so I decided to replace my GT710 with a GTX 1050, and installed the studio driver.
It seems that replacing my GT710 solved the problem.

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x
Ram: 128gb
GPU: GTX 1050 (was GT710)
Windows 10 pro
DAW: Cubase 12.0.30


Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, I was a bit too fast with my conclusion: Three days ago, after 30 minutes of composing, I received the same error code (0x8007005), again. Both GT710 & GTX 1050 produce the same error. I find it very hard to see a pattern and a reason why and when the error occurs. It almost seems randomly.

I found a (temporary) workaround which looks as follows:

  1. start your computer,
  2. go to ‘device manager’,
  3. Select ‘display adapters’,
  4. Right-click on your GPU and select ‘Disable device’.
  5. Open Cubase.

I worked under this circumstances the last two days and the error did not occur anymore; however, after restarting my computer, the graphics look like sh*t. So you need to first enable and then disable the GPU, again.

I hope that Steinberg finds a solution for this very annoying problem.

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x
Ram: 128gb
GPU: GTX 1050
Windows 10 pro
DAW: Cubase 12.0.30

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Hear hear! And I got the error again twice after me last reporting it here. Bummer.

So apparently it has been assigned to a developer with a schedule to fix it, no information other than that. Here is my recent post where I lost patience Zero care or support for graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005 - #5 by davechambers.

Such a great example of a company happy to take money but not deliver the service they are offering. I have spent so much time trying different things to fix it and went a long time of doing nothing music wise because it just killed me every time it crashed. It would be interesting to calculate time lost by this and time spent with people trying to fix it and then add a dollar value.
I am sure it would be more than the value of the software or the competitions. This is a hobby and mental release for me and has caused a lot of grief for something that is supposed to do the opposite. So sick of companies taking money and not delivering and then complaining when they are called out on their lack of service and delivery.

Maybe I feel this way because I am an IT Business consultant and would never recommend this model as a service model as I understand the impact of lack of service and service delivery. Maybe Steinberg is downsizing and on the way out.


When I asked for a timeline this was posted.


I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to share these informations.

This can be seen here Zero care or support for graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005 - #6 by Martin.Jirsak

Please everyone get on Cubase to fix this, they won’t just listen to one person and it isn’t the fault of the staff commenting here so please try not to put your frustration onto them.

I am over it and going to start looking at legal action. They know it is an issue at their end and will not release details on it even though I has existed for 2 versions. They are releasing a knowingly faulty product without declaring it and that is unlawful in most countries. I am starting to explore legal avenues and will post once I find out more.


Forget it. It’s not worth the cost and hassle. You will have to hire German lawyers.

I have family living there so will find out the procedure anyway. Just really over it. I previously logged a support request but must not have gone into the system (not sure if it’s when the support structure changed) but finally found the link to log a case in Australia. I am just asking if its not going to be fixed refund version 12 license. I will just learn another product instead.

An issue can only be fixed once it is well characterised - and seeing as this is an issue that affects only a subset of users in seemingly ill-defined circumstances, that already puts the developers at a disadvantage. You’re in the IT business, so you know very well that some bugs show only in a limited number of circumstances without an obvious cause, also the trigger might be a bug in third-party code. Moreover, all bugs are triaged, typically based on priority and impact.

Brigading Steinberg won’t help. Well-written bug reports with dump files if they are generated will help.

So far as legal action goes, you can read the advice I wrote on that topic here. Not all of that applies to you - I don’t know who your retailer was (it might not be Asknet) and you appear to have bought as a consumer, so would have consumer law protections.

It is very unlikely to be worth your while hiring a lawyer. I can only speak for the small claims rules in England and Wales, but over here, you cannot claim legal costs in a Small Claims track claim, so you would likely pay a lawyer more to litigate the case for you than you could receive in damages.

If you are done with Cubase, I’d sell your licence and move on - it’s the cheapest, lowest stress option.

David there have been many many many bug reports sent, I have logged another support ticket which will hopefully go through this time.

Most bugs do not impact the majority of users but in this case the behaviour of the bug is consistent with it’s behaviour so therefore developers have a good scenario to fix the issue.

If you pay for a product you should be able to use it but that apparently doesn’t seem to matter and I should just cut my losses. Not sure how anyone can see that as being acceptable. There is little to no communication about issues identified, if they continue with the current model they will lose more and more customers and will either have to increase prices or pack up and go home.

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I have a 100% crash rate with Nuendo 12 on my main system - both 12.0.20 (the first public release of Nuendo 12) and 12.0.30. The backtraces in the dump files indicate that the exception is occurring in the ASIO driver of my RME interface. RME interface drivers are pretty much bombproof, so I’m fairly certain this is down to something weird with the Windows installation on that system. As I’m getting close to replacing my main computer, I won’t waste too much effort on this - I’ll install the interface on my secondary system then, if the issue is not replicated there, write it off as “one of those weird things that sometimes happens on Windows”. My main system works OK with Nuendo 11. The latest versions of WaveLab and Dorico work fine on my main system.

Am I annoyed about this? Yes. Do I wish it worked? Yes. Am I spamming the forums about my issue and how awful it is that Steinberg won’t drop everything else to work on it immediately? No. As you have been told, these are primarily user-to-user forums. Steinberg developers do participate regularly in the forums for some of the smaller products (particularly Dorico, WaveLab, SpectraLayers and the developer forums), but it is doubtful they could participate meaningfully in the Cubase and Nuendo forums considering the much larger user base of those products.

It isn’t just Steinberg software that does weird things. Premiere Pro CC has suddenly decided my main system doesn’t have a GPU. The same GPU that doesn’t exist works fine in After Effects CC, Media Encoder CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC. Adobe isn’t going to drop everything to debug my system. I am in the process of working through logs to try to figure this out.

I suspect both these issues are saying that it is time to image my system, deactivate all my software, reinstall Windows and set things up again. The only reason I am holding back from this is that if I’m going to replace the system anyway, maybe it is better to wait and put that effort into setting up a new system. I might go all in and reinstall my current system with Windows 11; I need to think about this carefully. I will have to switch to Windows 11 if I replace my system, as Windows 10 does not have full support for the heterogeneous processor configuration of Intel Alder Lake.

My point is that Windows systems are a dazzling array of different configurations and driver versions, running on chipsets and processors from two main vendors (if we ignore the still rather fringe ARM based Windows machines). Even conservative change management procedures are not enough to stop systems from becoming a bit fragile over time as software, drivers and security patches come and go. There clearly are a subset of Windows systems experiencing your issue, with many of them likely otherwise working without issue. Identifying exactly what is causing the problem is not necessarily going to be easy.

It’s cheap to say “I’ll sue you”. If you really feel legal action is the correct route to resolve this, figure out who your contract is with (the retailer) and which jurisdiction applies to the contract (see your retailer’s terms), then instruct the appropriate lawyers. The most likely outcome if this was in a common law jurisdiction such as England or Australia is that the retailer will settle out of court, you may well land up out of pocket once you’ve paid your lawyers and Steinberg will probably never hear about the case. I don’t have enough experience with civil law jurisdictions such as Germany to predict the outcome.

What I can be fairly certain about is that the losses to Steinberg from refunding the retailer for settling with one disgruntled customer are not going to change their approach. That is why I am suggesting that you decide whether you are done with Cubase - and if you are, the least stressful and likely most cost-effective way out is likely to be selling your licence.

So it’s okay to have a very long on going issue with doing nothing to address it…

I along with other people have had this issue for many months so there is no more room for patience and zero service.

And yes Adobe once again have graphic driver issues but the difference is that they will fix it. That’s the difference between them and Steinberg.

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November 2020 this thread started and you wonder why I am getting fired up about paying for nothing.

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You are the one threatening legal action. I’m telling you what I expect to happen if you go down the legal route based on my legal training; I don’t think it is going to get what you want. However, if you want to take what I believe is the substantial risk of losing money whilst incurring unnecessary stress, that is up to you. There are lawyers waiting to take your instructions and your money.

As I have already said, I hope your issue is fixed. You must decide whether you wait, or whether you give up on Cubase and move on. You have made your frustration clear already. Spamming the two threads (now one thread after one was closed) on this issue with frustrated or angry messages isn’t going to change what happens about the bug. Your recent posts will not assist any developer who is trying to fix this. You will, however, encourage forum regulars and perhaps also Steinberg staff to put you in their Mute or Ignore lists.

Good luck.

Can you please stop your spamming yourself. Steinberg already aren’t listening so maybe frustrated and angry posts is what is required.

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He’s giving you free advice as a trained lawyer. He’s saying taking legal action is a fruitless thing to do, and I agree. If you do this out of anger you will be wasting time and money, potentially a lot of money, and causing yourself needless stress.

I completely sympathise with your pain on this, it must be deeply frustrating. My advice is simply to decide whether you can wait for a fix, and act accordingly.

Good luck!

And for us cubase 11 users they won’t release a fix anymore. Typical. Reminds me of the SX3 debacle where a promised Bugfix was withdrawn and the mods were still promising it would be released to trick more people into buying…

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Over and over again and never once had the jurisdiction correct. Rarely do you see qualified lawyers giving advice on public forums for this reason.

That’s not what gets me it is how easily people accept that their product is not usable. It seems that people are accepting free licenses to moderate the forum and have signed an agreement to always support Steinberg. No person in their right mind would see this situation as acceptable.

Trying to get support is so difficult, I still don’t know if anyone has seen the new case I have raised again as it’s not in my profile and I haven’t received an automated message that my ticket has been logged. I am in Australia so it is with a reseller (Yamaha).

I think issues in their applications are more widespread than what is seen publicly as everything is hidden and confidential. Sounds like a company trying to cover themselves as opposed to providing a service.

I use Cubase for artistic expression and did help greatly with depression and anxiety however it has done nothing but increase those levels and I have people on here saying that it is acceptable behaviour.

I will stand up and fight and say no it’s not, Steinberg obviously give free licenses to moderators on this forum for their service. I wonder how much that is compliant to tax laws. Hopefully more people speak up about their situation as if you look at the forum history people who complain about lack of service are bullied by passive aggressive behaviour.

I am an idiot for purchasing v12 thinking that it was fixed in that. I should have asked for a refund at that point.