Cubase LE 8 Video File Handling boot failure.

Win 10
Cubase LE 8
Asus 27"
Sony Bravia 55"
M-track Eight
MSI GeForce GTX 970 2GB

Ok. Here’s the thing…

I use a Cubase couple of years, different versions, different stuffs. I had never troubles with compatibility, installation, drivers, booting etc. I want even to say that working on Cubase is nice pleasure and always gives me a lot of joy without frustration or any other negative emotions.

Unfortunately this day had change it…

A month ago i bought a new TV. I planned to use it sometimes as a 2nd monitor for PC. But i didn’t expect that my graphics card has only ONE HDMI hub so occasionally i’ve changing monitor device during last month. It worked fine. Windows 10 had nothing to say about it. I launched Cubase LE 8 on a big screen ONCE, just to check if everything is okay. It looked nice, a lot of space to work. So i wake up this beautyfull morning (25 degrees with sunshine, no clouds) and wanted to make some music at my old monitor. I didn’t need to have such space this time. So i’ve launched Cubase and… nothing happened. Program is just stopping when it saying: “Initialazing: Video File Handling”. No message about some crash, other failure or even simple “Get Out. I am not in the mood!”. Cubase just turnig off as it would be a normal thing.

I tried to find a solution:
“Maybe Majestic Windows 10 makes the difference?”
But if that would happend i wouldn’t be the only one with that trouble so i gave up with this theory.

“Some drivers just went to the darkness…”
Yeah, i updated all possible drivers that can be usefull for Cubase. Nothing happened.

“Something appeared form Valley of Weirdness”
Cubase reinstalled, next please!

“An uncommon video file was exported to Cubase and just got stuck.”
Nope. I never used Cubase for Video editing.

“Hm… maybe program got crazy when i was changing monitor several times…”

I think the problem started here, because nothing changed with Cubase at all. I didn’t updated program during this month. Only thing was changed that i was switching monitors. I went to the Windows 10 monitor settings but i found nothing. There are no specific preferences to change in display or resolution at both monitors for specific programs. Even though Cubase WORKED ONCE at big screen. The magical signs start to show up when i backed to the old display at old resolution. But Windows 10 automatically changed settings to old ones (1920x1080 60 Hz). So i kicked out new monitor from device list so the Windows couldn’t no longer hold some changes for big screen (4K). Just in case if the program wanted to launch with different sets. Cubase’s booting didn’t change a bit. So i tried to move back when it was functional. I plug in new TV and tried to launch Cubase again. Problem was the same: “Initialazing” Vide File Handling" and stopped.

I started to dig the internet. And i found a similar trouble at this forum. Topic was made 3 years ago, and wasn’t finished at all. The poor guy had the same trouble but with different version of system and Cubase. And there are no usefull solutions for me in this topic. I tried a lot of things that was spoken at the old post. Nothing happened. Only that there is no longer sunshine here, my room went dark and i feel clouds, even i can’t see one in the sky… Please, help!

Here’s the URL for old topic: