Cubase LE + Alesis IO/2 how to register?

I have an Alesis IO / 2 and Cubase LE add-on software.
How do I register?

Hi and welcome,

Read how-to-activate-register-and-get-cubase-le-running article, please.

I can’t register, I only have a 10 digit Cubase LE serial number.
I cannot register my Alesis io / 2 device.


I’m sorry, most of the users name the number as Serial Number, even though it’s not. So how exactly is the number named, please? Is it:

  • Download Access Code
  • Activation Code
  • Serial number

Serial number for Cubase LE


Then it’s really old Cubase LE. I don’t remember the procedure anymore…

By any chance, what happens if you enter the Serial Number in your MySteinberg account instead of Download Access Code to register your Cubase?

“Please check your entry.”


I’m sorry, I forgot, how to register these very old Cubase with the Serial Numbers. These old version definitely don’t support current OS versions (Windows 10 or macOS 10.15 or macOS 11). They are even not officially supported by Steinberg for years already.

Thank you