Cubase LE monitoring MIDI input but can't hear it

I’ve been having a problem with Cubase where I am not hearing my MIDI input, but it is detecting an input signal. I have the monitor button turned on. Also, When I record something with my keyboard, it shows the notes I’ve played but when I play it back, there is no sound either. Please help. I haven’t recorded a single thing due to this. The MIDI keyboard I’m using is an AKAI mpk mini. Thanks in advance

A couple of thoughts for you…

  • Are you recording on an CB Instrument Track and that track has a VSTi and sound assigned?
  • Have you turned off the track “Monitor” function to hear your recording (some CB versions require this)?

It’s best to provide some detail about your system and software.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m using Cubase LE if that helps. I’ll try to explain exactly what I’ve done: I clicked ‘Add Instrument track’ and selected an instrument. I have selected my MIDI keyboard (AKAI mpk Mini 2). I clicked ‘Monitor’ on the track and started playing some notes. In the bar beside my track, it is monitoring the sound coming in, but I can’t hear it. I have my ASIO4ALL driver selected also if that is any help. here is a screenshot -

Thanks again for taking the time to solve some random newbie’s problem

A few more questions/thoughts…

  • Are you using a audio interface? If so, what is it?
  • What is set in the vst connection menu for the output bus?
  • Make sure the vsti is “enabled” not “bypassed”.
  • You do need to turn off the track “record enable” and monitor" functions to hear what was recorded.

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Ok, so I went back to my laptop and opened up Cubase and Voila! It works! :smiley: I didn’t even change anything it just… worked!!! I have a funny feeling that ill be back to this forum sooner rather than later tho haha xD Thanks so much for taking your time to help me tho, appreciate it a lot! Bye now! :slight_smile:

One more question tho if that’s Ok xD - I have Cubase LE (It came free with my Interface) and I was wondering is it worth my money to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5. Does it come with a lot of better VST plugins? Thanks again (;

I can’t comment for what features might be different (maybe someone else will) but, here is a general explanation about the Cubase LE product.

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